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10 Helpful Apps for Creative Parents

Updated on March 13, 2017

So, you are a parent trying to cope with all the huge amount of new responsibilities. Or is it your second (or even third) child, and you are a bit more relaxed? No matter what your parenting experience is, the process will always be much easier with technologies. And with the amount of mobile devices we have today, everyone should be able to find the suitable one.

You probably have a computer, a smartphone, a tablet and maybe some other devices. But do you use them to the fullest as a parent? Today there are so many apps that can make parenting a bit easier and add a creative note to raising a child. Take a look at the following list of apps; maybe some of them are just what you lack in your parenting life.

AllRecipes Dinner Spinner

If you’ve ever had to come up with an idea for dinner somewhere between picking kids from kindergarten and cleaning your bathroom, and this meal should not duplicate the other four meals your family already had this week, you know the pain. And there is a solution for it – ‘Dinner Spinner’ is an easy and fast app that will help choosing recipe for the day. A versatile search parameters can save you time, and user comments together with pictures will help improvising. This app is a real savior when you are out of dinner ideas.

Paws Like Me

Every good parent knows that kids should become responsible and sensible when they have a pet. Simple and convenient, Paws Like Me will help you find the best one for your family. As simple as it is, you take a picture of a pet you and your family like (or just choose from the given list), and the app checks if there is a match in your area available for adoption. If you are ready for a pet in your house (I bet your kids are), this app is or you.

Sky Guide

You know how they show a cool dad (or a mom) in movies lying in grass with children, showing them stars and constellations and telling them everything about these stars? If you want to make it come true for your family, but you know absolutely nothing about the starts, be sure to try Sky Guide. It works both day and night, and tells you information about stars and constellations. And you can simply learn together with your kids! What can be better for improving your family's knowledge?

Pumpic app

Being a worried parent is not a bad thing, but you have to learn the way to cope with your worries instead of turning your kid’s life into a ‘1984’ by Orwell. Pumpic would work as a universal family tool – with its help you will be able to share messages, use location feature to see where your children are and even block some texts if you believe they are not appropriate. It will also help you monitor your kid’s social media activities and updates, and even tell you when child is cursing or being bullied. Protective parents tend to love these kind of apps; they really help them know more about their kids and protect them from online dangers.


If you are worried about the content your kids might see when surfing the net, try using safe browser for your (and their – if they already have a smartphone) device, like SurfBalance. It will ensure that kids get child-friendly Internet and only see the content they are looking for. You can allow to apply only SurfBalance as web browsing app in your phone settings. Thus, you can freely give your phone to your kids and not worry about them seeing inappropriate content.


Yes, as a responsible parent you are cooking for your kids yourself, and most of the time these are healthy meals. But what if you are on your way to somewhere, and you don’t want to eat junky fast food? Healthy Out is your guide for healthy restaurants in your area. Also, if there would be none around, the app will help you to choose the healthiest meals they have in the fast food restaurants in the area.

Baby Pack & Go

Do you plan on going somewhere? Modern parents know that making and following lists is much more convenient and reliable than trying to remember everything. In most cases, it doesn't matter how often you travel or how good your memory is – in the hustle and bustle you will most likely forget the essentials. Baby Pack & Go will take the responsibility of remembering everything off your head, and allow you double-check everything in no time.

Cabin App

Do you want to feel like Zuckerberg with your own (for sure smaller, though) social network? Try Cabin App then; being a smart combination of to-do lists, instant messengers and Facebook (its best features), this application will give you a personal space to share information and ideas, to motivate each other or remind about milk you ran out of last week.


Are you a football mom? Or are your kids into ice skating? It really will not matter once you move your sports team management into Roster Bot application. No more ‘replying to all’ e-mails, and no more calling everyone to notify about the field change. With simple access for all team members and easy events modification, the app will become your best assistant.

Mom Maps

Why spending your time to Google activities, places to visit and things to do with your kid around the city, when you can find all this information in one app? Mom Maps has a huge database of parks and playgrounds, museum and kid-friendly restaurants. Every mother will find something to enjoy with her kid despite age and personal preferences.

So, these were just a small number of apps parents can take advantage of. Hopefully, some of these apps will help you be a better and more organized parent. Good luck!


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