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5 Little Known Facts About Pregnancy & Birth

Updated on December 4, 2013

5. First Part of Baby to Develop?

The brain? The heart? Nope, neither. The first part of a baby to develop is the anus. Yup, that's right! The butthole is the first part of every person to develop. The second part? The mouth! Humans are deuterostomes which means second mouth. In the earliest stages of development when the baby is a little cluster of cells a small pocket develops and this turns into an anus then at the opposite side another pocket forms and makes the mouth.

4. Unborn Babies Drink Their Own Pee

Pretty much everyone knows when your water breaks it'll probably look like you peed on yourself. That's actually baby's pee. The amniotic fluid your baby lives in is actually their urine. But, it's not like our urine, of course. They're actually doing it to practice for when they leave the womb. So, it's not really as gross as it sounds. They also breath their amniotic fluid to prepare for air.

3. Vernix Caseosa

Vernix Caseosa is a white wax that covers unborn babies. If you've witnessed the birth of a baby then you might have seen this before. Vernix starts forming on the fetus around 18 weeks into the pregnancy and is usually gone or mostly gone by birth. It has several purposes including keeping the baby's skin moist and helping it pass through the birth canal. Some have suggested it has antibacterial purposes, but very little evidence has been found to support that theory. Either way it's not a pretty site, but considering everything that's on a newborn baby when it comes out Vernix may not be the worst.

2. Some Babies Poop on Their Way Out

Most woman that have given birth know they'll probably go number two while pushing. But, what most don't know is they Aren't the only ones who might have to poop during birth. Now, there's no way to put a good spin on this. If a baby poops on it's way out, it's gonna be pretty disgusting, but on the bright side a baby's first bowel movement is called meconium and its usually odorless.

1. Hospitals Aren't The Safest Place to Give Birth

Most of us just assume hospitals are the best place to have a baby. But, for a normal pregnancy with no severe complications they are possibly one of the worst places to give birth. When giving birth in a hospital the mother is likely to be induced or given drugs for stronger contractions to hurry labor. These drugs are usually not medically necessary and leads to an unnecessary caesarian section to deliever the baby.

Out of four million births annually in the United States: 800 thousand are by C-section 500 thousand of those aren't needed.


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