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10 Scary Life Facts That Parents Won't Tell Their Kids

Updated on September 14, 2019
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Krzysztof is a 10+ year YouTube researcher who spends hours researching, analyzing, and uncovering YouTube trends, challenges, and media.


1. The Real World Is Horrible

Which 10 facts of life are definitely not kid friendly?

Parents will only tell kids life is a fairy tale where you go to school, find friends, grow up, get a good job, marry the person you love, have kids, a nice home, a car, become a grandparent, and grow old together with your beloved until you die of old age.

Unfortunately the real world is terrifying.

The real world is hard and challenging, and the struggle we go through as teens and eventually adults is significant and often unpleasant.

We are dealt with grief, heartache, financial struggles, sickness, divorce, and a plethora of other difficult tasks. The world is a cruel place and at its worst can leave us lonely, depressed, and homeless.

Parents will try to shield us from the realities of this world, but it's out there and it stinks sometimes.


2. The Bullying Doesn't Stop

If you grew up thinking everyone will like you and kindness will lead to friendship, then prepare to hate the world.

People can be downright awful with nasty, vicious comments and a bullying mentality. As older kids and teens, we start to face some of those bullies and peers who purposely try to put us down and make us feel like we're nothing.

  • At its absolute worst we hear stories of suicidal teens due to years of bullying.

The realities of this are truly horrendous and disgusting, and I've learned the hard way about this in my life.

We have to remember that we can't be vindictive towards someone because they do it to us. It's that old saying "two wrongs don't make a right" and it rings true this time. I may not like someone but I'd rather avoid them than stoop down to their level.

Today kids have it much tougher than their parents did with the dangers of social media and cyber bullying always lurking.


3. The Horrors of Minimum Wage

It's nice to dream and speculate what you'll be when you grow up, but things often don't turn out the way you thought.

It doesn't help that parents don't discuss the harsh reality of attempting to get paid.

Most teens and young adults work minimum wage jobs either full or part time. Even worse is millions of people continue earning minimum wage as adults with families.

I highly doubt any kid was told they would have to support a family of four working 60+ hours a week with two jobs.

The standard working model is changing but chances are you'll be placed in a similar situation for at least part of your adult life.


4. You Likely Won't Afford a House

Did your parents ever tell you that one day you'll grow up and have a nice home of your own?

I can't speak for everyone, but you've probably had this chat once or twice.

Unfortunately they won't tell you this so called home would be a tiny one bedroom apartment in a not so nice neighborhood.

  • Oh and don't even get me started on the monthly costs and upkeep.

The so-called dream home with multiple bedrooms, bathrooms, a patio, a balcony, and a large open ended front and back lawn is completely overstated.

In reality you end up living in a dirty, little apartment that's way overpriced.

If you never had to deal with this then congratulations, but millions of Americans have likely been in this situation at one time or another.


5. Your Heart Will Be Broken

Parents tell you that one day you'll have a boyfriend or girlfriend, end up marrying them, and have your own family, however; they forget to tell you that you'll fight a lot, break up, get back together, and finally break up completely.

  • The fights can be extreme, but hopefully they aren't violent.

It's healthy to fight once in a while, but I doubt your parents said you'd fight over forgetting to buy milk or wash the dishes. I don't think any of us would be with anybody if we knew just how bad relationships could be.

A relationship is like a roller coaster that never ends, and there may be items thrown or insults used, etc.

The waterworks afterwards are a bonus.

All of this is at its most basic level because things get much more complicated once we marry the people we supposedly love.


6. You'll Likely Get Divorced

The concept of marriage began with our parents or grandparents, and it's something we continue to hold dearly.

Marriage should be the ultimate symbol of trust, honesty, love, communication, and commitment.

Kids have been told that one day they'll find the right person and marry them, but they didn't say how many people or how many times they'll marry.

Divorce has been rampant for a while now and I don't see why it would stop. Call me a cynic but my belief in marriage has been altered by personal experiences.

I haven't been married before but there have been several people that I know who've gotten married and the results were dire.

I know that not every marriage will end in divorce, but it's something I wasn't prepare to deal with. It's something I wish I'd had known about earlier because maybe it would've brought about a better understanding of the subject.

7. Saving Money Is Tough

I was always told to save my money because in the end it would benefit me.

The problem is there are so many money related problems emerging that it's nearly impossible to save when you're an adult.

It could be an emergency situation, traffic ticket, doctor stay, medication, highway tolls, natural disasters, car accidents, taxes, bills, and loan payments that wipe your bank account clean.

I myself am a spendthrift, and I've always prided myself on being able to save my money, use coupons, and not spend on luxury items.

However try as I might there's always something that comes up and any attempt to save money has been lost.

This task becomes a lot easier once you're able to stabilize, but there's a huge distance between points A and B.


8. No Pets Allowed

This is a lighter topic, but as a kid, it's pretty heartbreaking.

It's also more of a lie than something I wasn't told about. My parents would tell me that one day I'll have a dog, but they forgot to tell me that some places don't allow dogs.

I know they lied to me because they never really wanted me to have a dog, and I guess the excuse of my neighborhood complex not allowing them makes it okay.

I think every child would like to have a pet and as an adult it's a nice thing to own, but there are obstacles that get in the way including allergies.

For those who have animals, perhaps your parents have forgotten to tell you how difficult it is to take care of them and how expensive they end up being.


9. You'll Lose Good Friends

Did you know that the friends you grew up with will probably not end up being your friends as you get older?

Your parents won't tell you this, but it can happen in an instant or gradually (less upsetting).

This isn't always the case and people do have friends since grade school, but many more will lose friends because of different priorities and pathways.

They'll end up finding new friends, their interests will change, and jobs or your own family will emerge. It's not something a young boy or girl wants to hear, but I think it's necessary because maybe it can actually save your friendships.

Perhaps with this knowledge you'll learn to preserve your friendships more carefully and not take them for granted.


10. Your Parents Won't Always Be There

This statement can be taken literally or figuratively but both hold true.

When we're young we expect parents to help us when things get tough, but as we get older, we have to learn how to help ourselves. Your parents might aide you sometimes but eventually it'll be on you.

The grimmer reality is that parents won't always be there literally meaning they'll either move very far away or they'll have passed away. That's a part of life, but it's a tragic thing to deal with especially if it's unexpected.

We have orphanages and care centers because in the worst case scenario a young child could lose both of their parents.

Adults shouldn't be afraid to talk to their kids about death and the rest of these topics because their children will gain knowledge as they get older.

These 10 facts of life will help prepare parents and kids for the future and make adulthood less of a nightmare.

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