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10 Things That Make YOU a Bad Mom

Updated on May 26, 2016

1: Your 2 year old has recently decided that it would be SUPER FUN, to run into the road. How do YOU react? You run after that fast a feisty child, grab them by the shirt, and pull them back to safety! And then what happens next is shocking (not really) the tears come, and the child is crying....Oh No!! That parenting book I just read, said NEVER let your kid cry, or make your kid cry. Bad mom alert! So naturally, you start beating yourself up about it, apologizing to the child. When in reality, YOU have no reason to apologize. YOU bad mom, just saved your child from becoming a pancake!!

2: Bedtime, what parent or mom doesn't LOVE (I actually mean HATE) bedtime! Every night it's the same scenario...Mom announces it's bedtime, and the tears begin. "No mom, I love you, I want to stay with you". Has anyone else ever wondered how their child learned the art of manipulation so well? Anyways...Bad mom of course responds with "I love you too, now STAY IN BED". Well as expected the child gets out of bed a hundred times through out the night. They try and practice their little ninja skills and crawl into bed with you. And YOU bad mom, gently carry them back to their bed, for the hundredth time that night. Your initial reaction might be, "oh no, I should want to cuddle with my kid, I must be a bad mom." Well guess what!?! YOU just saved your kid from being squished and kicked all night long!

3: Dinner-Time, becomes night-mare-time when you have picky eaters. "I don't like broccoli mom" or "I don't like mashed potatoes" on and on it goes....Some mom's might make their picky eating child a special meal. But not bad mom, she responds with a quick and loving "That is what is for dinner, so eat it or go hungry". Good job bad mom, YOU don't have the time to be a special personalized chef for each member of your family. And really you don't make enough to deal with that...In reality, YOU just saved your child from growing up to be an entitled jerk!

4: The toy isle...Oh boy, YOU know exactly what i'm talking about. Everytime you make a trip to the store your child begs you to go look at the toys. If your feeling brave and powerful, you might just say "Yes" and off you go. Well....You should have known better, because then it begins. "Mom can I get this?" or "Mom PLEASE I need this". Naturally, bad mom responds with "No, not today" or "Save your money and buy it yourself". Those responses usually result in tears, whining, etc...And all you can think to yourself is "DANG you starbucks for making me brave". But really, YOU just saved your child from turning into a spoiled brat!

5: "Mom can I get a puppy?" the question that has caused many parents to break into a sweat! "I promise I will take care of it, feed it, walk it, love it, PLEASE"....If you like most parents gave into this crazy idea, of your child actually being responsible. Then you understand that the newness wears off, the puppy is no longer fun its work. And the poor dog is left to STARVE...Well, bad mom won't let that happen, so she "nags" the child. Feed the dog, water the dog, walk the dog, play with the dog. This might seem harsh to a good mom, but really YOU just saved your kid from irresponsible!

6: Dessert, what child, adult, teenager, elderly person, dog doesn't like dessert?!? And of course, we want it everyday! And so do our children...So how do we respond when our child is begging us for dessert every day and night? "No" simple, easy, and causes LOTS of whining....So then you put them on a time-out for whining.... And if your like me, you wait until after the kids are in bed then bring on the chocolate! This might seem harsh, but really...YOU just saved your child from childhood obesity or diabetes!

7: Pick up your room please...That's a pretty simple request right? Wrong...Who likes to clean? No one I know....So of course my kids don't enjoy it. So what to do, a good mom (or loaded mom) might hire a maid or housekeeper. But not bad mom! She looks at the complaining child and says "It's your mess, PICK IT UP". This again will result in more whining, and possibly your child asking for a cookie if they do it as reward. Yes, a cookie....I wish I got a cookie for everytime I picked up after myself or someone else...But I don't, so neither do my kids....YOU bad mom just saved your child's future spouse and finances. I mean really who wants to spend money on a housekeeper or live with a messy spouse.

8: Homework....Need I say more?....Who likes homework?....No one....Well maybe a really smart kid......I bet they like homework.....But really if you have a really smart kid you wouldn't be reading this article. So back to homework.....YOU bad mom, make your child do their homework, regardless of how they feel about it. The KEY word here is MAKE....Yes they may whine and cry, but your use to that right!? So YOU make them do that work! And YOU bad mom, are on your way to having that smart kid I was talking about up above!

9: The park! Oh what fun! Your kids laugh, play, smile....All things that should bring you joy right? But really all you do is sit there, and look at all the things they could hurt themselves on. And hope that no one kidnaps them...So is the park really fun? Nope, not for you bad mom....But for some reason you still take your kids...And do I even have to mention what happens when its time to go? Tears....LOTS of tears.....And then every other mom is staring at YOU, thinking "Wow she must be a bad mom". While your thinking "Seriously kid? What, do you want to live here or something?". But YOU bad mom, just saved your child from heat exhaustion and excessive sweating!

10: So are YOU a bad mom? If you could relate to more then 1 of these scenarios, then YES! YOU are a BAD MOM! Wait?....Did I just turn this into an article quiz? Oops, anyways....Keep up the good work, it's ok to let your kid, cry, whine, throw fits etc....Discipline that child, and teach them how the real world works, all while showering them in love. YOU bad mom, just saved yourself from being one of those annoying good moms. Keep up the great work!

So....Are YOU a Bad Mom?!?

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