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10 Things to do with Your Kids This Summer

Updated on May 15, 2013

It is almost that time again! Yes, you are probably dreading it; summer time. It can be all fine and dandy up until about the second week, which then you will be hearing “Mom! I’m bored out of my mind and I have nothing to do.” If you are like any other parent in the world you are probably looking for cheap and fun entertainment for your children. You are in luck because there are at least fourteen ways to entertain your children without draining your pocketbook.

Homemade Water Park

A trip to a waterpark can be quite expensive no matter how hard you try to do it on a budget; however, getting supplies for your own waterpark can be more cost effective. Since summer is rolling around you will find a lot of great sales on sprinklers, pools, and slip and slides. It may look a little pricey at first because you are buying the things needed for this fun homemade waterpark, but in the long run it will bring many days of enjoyment, not to mention it can help anyone relax and cool down on a hot summer day.

Costume-themed days

Have any old costumes lying around? Why not have a day where everyone has to dress up in any costume. This idea is particularly fun for the younger children, but can be fun for the whole family too. IF you do not have costumes for everybody, then how about making your own with the materials you have lying around the house. This can keep kids busy for a while trying to make the perfect costume that their hearts desire.

Reading contests

Having a summer reading contest is a great idea. It allows you as a parent to kill two birds with one stone, not to mention, this will cost you virtually nothing. Take your kids to the library once a week and allow them to grab a couple of books and see who can read the most by the time school starts again. Yes, this probably will not have your kid out of your hair every day, but they will get pretty excited with some friendly competition from their siblings.


Kids have great minds. They love to use their imagination in just about anything and everything they do. Perhaps allowing them to prepare and act out their own “Broadway” production will do the trick. This will allow them to write their own script, design their costumes, make sets for their screens, and best of all act out their play. This will also make a great home video too, so you can watch it for years to come.

Craft day

Crafts, what kid does not like crafts? Every kid loves to do different crafts. As a parent we always have glue, stickers, and scraps of fabric, paper towel rolls, string, and milk jugs laying around on any given day. Why not use those items and have a craft day and let your children imagination kick into full swing and see what they come up with.

Nature walk

Sometimes fresh air is the key. I know we all love our lazy days at home, especially if we have more kids than energy at the time, but getting out and going to a park and walking the trails may be a great fresher. It can be a nice family outing as your kids are looking at all the different wildlife in their natural habitat. If you really wanted you could make an entire day out of this depending on how big the park is near you.

$1 movie nights

Movies are quite expensive and we all know that. However, that should not stop you from having movie nights with your family. When in doubt head on down to Redbox! Redbox has movies that the entire family can watch and can make a great family bonding night.

Free day camps

Did you know that Bass Pro Shops hosts a free weekend day came for children? Right, I did not know this either. They have activities that include fishing poles, archery, crafts, and much, much more. To find out when the Bass Pro Shop near you will be hosting their Family Summer Camp give them a call today.

Free workshops for kids

Your local Home Depot offers a few workshops for children on the first Saturday of the month. Workshops are usually based on a certain theme or a movie. Home Depot also runs contests and presentations too. For more information on workshops call your local Home Depot store today.

Public library

Did you know your public library hosts workshops, camps, reading days, and even movie days? Yes, your library is not just for borrowing books, but it caters to young minds. You can usually find what is happening at your local library by the flyers that they have placed near checkout or you can also go on their website and it will tell you what is happening.


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