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10 Things you should say to your daughter before she is 5

Updated on May 20, 2014

Number 10

My Little Hero!
My Little Hero!

Always tell her these 10 things

Number 10

Every little girl needs to hear how they are your hero.

To a little girl, you are their everything! You help her put on her clothes, brush her teeth, make her meals when she is hungry. You are her best friend. To her there is nothing you couldn't do, but you need to re think everything! This little girl may look at you with such adoration but think back to before her. Before her your mornings were boring, your meals were always perfect, never burnt or rushed or my favorite take out. Your life ran on a great schedule but now this little girl adds excitement, she melts your heart with just a smile. When she has fallen she runs to you for comfort, with a little kiss and hug she most likely is ready to run around again. Its not the big things she does every day, although those do help to make you believe she is your hero, but it is all those little things she does. The smile she brings to your face, the innocence in her face while she sleeps, the unconditional love she shares with you. It is the fact you could do a million things wrong but once the words I am sorry comes out of your mouth, she accepts and continues on her day as if nothing had happen.

So bring your little one in and tell her she is your Hero!

Number 9

Always tell your little girl she is smart.

Encourage your little one to be the best she can be. Let her know that she is smart, even if she messes up. Tell her she is doing an amazing job at things she has been working hard to improve. Let your little girl know that if she needs help, you are there to help her. Every little miss needs a good support team, be her cheer leader.

Number 8

Every little girl needs to know they are beautiful.

Always let her know that every imperfection they may see in themselves is absurd, that every little thing makes her who she is and makes her beautiful. That she will always be the most beautiful girl in your eyes. As long as you support her and make her feel like a queen, she can make it through school and anything a mean bully says. Giving her the strength to see the truth in the mirror. Knowing that the truth is no matter how any other girl looks in the world she is perfect just the way she is.

Happy Girls Are The Prettiest Girls!
Happy Girls Are The Prettiest Girls!

Number 7

Tell your little miss you will always be there for her!

Always let your little girl know she can always count on you to be there for her no matter what.

Giving your princess a sense of security, will follow her through the years. Which will help her follow her dreams with the knowledge that she will always have you to lean on when things get hard.

Number 6

Tell your little girl she is funny!

Laughter is what makes the journey through life bearable. If you can laugh you can get through anything. A little girl with a sense of humor can lighten any situation. Laugh at her jokes. It brings out a light in children that can bring out the light in anyone else.

Number 5

Tell her she is a great dancer, singer or whatever her favorite thing to do is.

Encourage her to do all the things she loves, tell her to chase her dreams, and when she concurs one goal, tell her to shoot for another one. Always give her something to strive for so she always feels like there in more to life. When she perfects how to write one letter teach her how to write another. When she has something to reach for she will always find interest and be curious about what may be just around the corner.

'You've Always Had The Power My Dear, You Just Had To Learn It For Yourself.'

-Glinda- Wizard of Oz

Number 4

Always tell her you are sorry. You apologizing lets her know she can too.

If you have done something wrong acknowledging it first and saying sorry lets her know you are only human too. Things don't always go the way you wish they had and if it is your fault or if you know she will be let down, apologize and let her know you understand that she may be upset, but you will try to fix the issue and that you will work with her to come to an ending that is fit for the problem.

Number 3

Tell her when she is right, even if it means you are wrong. Be careful though this one may get to her head!

Number 2

Tell her that you are trying your best.

Letting her know you are always trying to do the best thing reassures her that trying something is always better then not trying. By trying to do something at least you know if you can do it or not. By not trying you will never know if you can do things.

Number 1

Always tell her you LOVE her!

There is no such thing as telling someone you love them to much. Showing your sweety you love her, telling her you love her, and sharing your love with her, will only let her know how much she means to you. Praising her with hug and kisses and showing her all the things you love to do, inspires her to let her mind go. So she can be free to love things herself too. Love is the best thing to express to every little girl. Letting them know they are worthy of love and that they don't need to seek out love from somewhere else. Their mommy and daddy should be the first place they seek love. Then from there they should learn the appropriate ways others can love them.

For all you parents out there if you are reading this I am writing from my heart my daughter is the apple of my eye she brings out the best in me and I would truly be lost without her. She means the world to me and I wish her every dream and every wish to come true. May you dream and wish the same for your daughters.

Love Her No Matter What Happens!!
Love Her No Matter What Happens!!

© 2013 Desiree Jensen


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    • profile image

      amanda potts 3 years ago

      i LOVE this i used it on my blog :) and gave a link to your article :)

    • profile image

      djen1114 3 years ago

      This is true in so many ways. If I am ever having a bad day my little girl has a way to make me laugh no matter what! Thank you for writing this.