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10 Ways to Have a Good Relationship With Your Parents!

Updated on September 1, 2017
pen promulgates profile image

Imran is an anthropologist who coaches people in self improvement. He excels in communication.

Do Not Forget How They Have Taken Care of You

As soon as you are born (even before that), the right persons you be with are your parents.
When you are the most vulnerable, fragile, and dependent, your guardians secure you by giving safety and shelter.
As a child, you are too naive to take the correct decisions, so they do what is right for you.
Your custodians are the only ones you stay connected with throughout since your birth. Thus, there is permanence in the connection you share. Such a unique association must remain healthy and unbreakable for a lifetime. It deserves commitment more than any other of your contacts. Doesn't it?
Regardless of flaws, the bond between you and your parents must stay resilient.
Haven't you seen your mother and father work hard for your future? They have struggled to keep you happy. Their minds, as always, have been worried for your betterment. Till today, they worry plenty about you even though you may have grown up. The best part is, when they strive (for you), they do it with a smile. Their care is genuine; and concern, real; and love, unconditional.
You may say, your caretakers have done no favor to you. It was their job to raise you properly. Like every parent must. Be that so - what they still deserve is the credit for the job they have persevered. The least you could do is 'honor a good bond.'

Find out how to develop a healthy and embracing relationship with your parents through this article.

Let's first look at why you need to have a strong bond.


Why You Need a Strong Bond?

Following are the reasons why bonding becomes essential:

  • They have brought you into this world

The world is yours because of them. You couldn't have come by yourself. Neither through any miracle. Creation (you) has an inborn connection with the creator (parents). When the association becomes harmonious, you don't feel lost. You are satisfied and happy.

  • They are blood

Blood has an appeal and emotional attachment. Blood has a power that binds and connects everyone related.

  • You have their DNA

You get the looks, genes, and some habits from parents. You cannot change your DNA. You have got to live with it. Then, why not live in peace?

  • They are family

Your family gives you unmatched happiness. It makes life more meaningful. When you bond with your parents and the other family members nicely, you are able to blend better with the people outside. Especially the tougher ones from the crowd.

  • It's nature

What is natural is peaceful. One cannot challenge the nature. Whoever does, struggles for peace.
You might still be happy, but not when you think of family. So, even if you push thoughts aside, you cannot choose not to think of guardians. They are part of the essential natural system that you live under.

Do you maintain a strong bond with your parents?

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10 Ways to Bond Wonderfully

  • 1) Consider them significant

You give much attention to any task, situation, or person that is meaningful to you. Because you know how much they mean to you, you take precautions not to undervalue them.
Give parents a lifelong significance. If you believe they are important, you will treat them important too.

  • 2) Always remind yourself you love them

If you don't love your parents, first find out the reason(s). Jot down every single point that stops you from loving them. When you have spotted all the causes, you must find a way to tackle them. Speak with your caretakers about the reasons. If it solves that way, bravo! If your parents are Sorry, that's another solution. Accept the apology and put the past behind. If issue prevails, take help from a counselor or therapist or anyone whom you consult for all vital matters. Talk to your friends about how they deal with their parents. Especially the ones who have an incredible bond with their custodians. It is true that love occurs naturally. No person can force you to like him/her, not even family. But if you don't love your parents, there is something seriously incorrect. And if you don't clear what is wrong, your life will always have a hollow. What do you think is better? (a) living with a hollow or (b) making peace. What is better is trying. Psych yourself up. Doing that might open doors to happiness.

  • 3) Push the anger

Whenever your parent says or does something that triggers your anger, don't give into it. Rather, punch the rage aside. Initially, you will find it difficult, but with practice, you will be able to manage it. Arguing with them or fighting and howling will only create a drift. Push the anger aside and smile thinking 'Wow, they have done it again.'



Prepare yourself by believing that your parents won't approve most of your decisions, and you must not get annoyed when they disapprove. Rather, you must not let their belief/actions annoy you. Considering so will not bug you.

  • 4) Remember, they will have opinions

Because of the difference in thinking and because parents are sensitive to their children, they will always object to or dislike your way of living. That factor is common to all the families. Like you, even the other kids face similar concerns. The issues might not be the same, but problems are everywhere and are always there. Let their opinions not bother you. Make them understand your point of view. We explain what we think to others, but we don't explain to our parents. Most of the times, children either fight or don't justify their views to their caretakers. As a result, there is always some tension between them.
Work on issues rather than ignoring them.

  • 5) Respect them

It is true that an individual earns esteem out of the will and not by force. But don't you respect others because of power, position, wealth? Why not consider parents then?
Respect directly relates to discipline. When you respect someone, you behave with discipline. That's how you admire and develop awe for a person. More than anybody, your guardians deserve your respect entirely.

  • 6) Don't take them casually

Parents are not your work colleagues or friends or gym buddies with whom you develop a casual bond. When you are relaxed, you are not serious. Guardians are not to be taken casually. You must be sincere about them. When you are earnest, you are thoughtful, and you care.

  • 7) Speak with them in a soft tone

How do you talk to your seniors, supervisors, managers, and all those in higher ranks? You are respectful, polite, and obedient.
Parents are no less. They are above you. They are the head of the family, so they need gentle treatment. If you convince yourself to behave well, you certainly will. It's all about your mindset.

  • 8) They are not nonpeople

You are carefree about the people who hardly matter. Guardians are not one of them. You may ignore your parents as you don't like them. Even if you maintain distance because you don't get along, they are still who have given birth to you. They have adjusted schedules to give you comfort. They have never disliked you. When you constantly cried during infancy or troubled them in your earlier days, they had pacified you. You mean a lot to them. They should not mean 'no-one' to you.

  • 9) They are not friends

Friends come and go but not parents. Your bond with them is permanent and more valuable. It's above friendship. Keep that in mind and enjoy the essence of the most special relationship whose level even friendship will never match.

  • 10) They will never stop loving you

Whether you are good or bad, rich or poor, successful or unsuccessful, young or old, healthy or ill, or however you are, your parents don't stop loving you. Sometimes they get angry. Occasionally, they are upset (with you). But that's only temporary. They behave tough on the outside. On the inside their love is abundant. Like it has always been. When you know there is someone who likes you plenty no matter what happens, don't you want to be with him/her? Parents are one of the few people who like you forever, so never estrange them. Be with them regularly.

Family Is Important

These are a few reasons that can help you bond wonderfully with your parents.

You are a better person when you are loving, obedient, and respectful towards your caretakers.

You and your parents have become a family together. You have made each other family. You are incomplete without one another. All that matters now is to be a complete and happy family. Do not stay away from that. Bond well. Be at your best!

© 2017 Imran Khan


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    • pen promulgates profile imageAUTHOR

      Imran Khan 

      15 months ago from Mumbai, India

      Thanks Emily. You are living a wonderful life by fulfilling and enjoying a good bond with your parents! Thanks for your personal insights about your mother and father!

    • emi sue profile image

      Emily Lantry 

      15 months ago from Tennessee

      Hi there! I really enjoyed this article. I am lucky and my parents are still together after 27 years! Me and my mom have a great relationship these days, acting more like sisters than mother and daughter. Now that I have children of my own I find myself constantly needing her help and her advice.

      She enjoys trips to grocery store and doctor which is very helpful as I have three kids to wrangle around every where I go! However, as you stated - she doesn't always approve of my decisions, and this causes tension between us sometimes, but for the most part - we handle it well.

      My relationship with my dad is not as close, but it is well. He is a solemn man of few words - and my "I love you's" are mostly returned with a uncomfortable laugh. :D but I am very lucky, my parents are always there for me.

      Thanks again for this article, and I enjoyed sharing a piece of my story here in your comments. :) haha. Have a nice day! thanks for sharing!

    • pen promulgates profile imageAUTHOR

      Imran Khan 

      16 months ago from Mumbai, India

      Hey Ashish, thanks. I feel awesome that you liked it.

    • Ashish Dadgaa profile image


      16 months ago

      @Imran Khan,

      Very nicely explained 10 points to have a Good Relationship With Your Parents. I liked the way you have described each point with in-depth thoughts.

      Keep up the excellent writing :)

      Good luck.


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