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10 Great Ideas Spending Time With Your Children

Updated on December 10, 2014

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Can you remember when your child ride on a tree or make a paper boat lastly? It’s hard to find any children who are engaged with such kind of activities nowadays. Modern parents with contemporary notions considered that outdoor work as a useless purpose. Therefore, an enormous change has already made in their children’s lives. However, many recent studies show that outdoor activities such as playing games, roaming around in the park helps to make children to become socialized and developmental structure. Besides, according to scientists, growing up with nature is a vital element for children.

If you wanted to be a responsible parent, it is essential for you to spend quality time with your children regularly so that the connection between you and the children will remain excellent forever. Therefore, You should often go out with your children and family for spending quality time. Here are some ways you should know how to spend time with your children.

It is important to stay altogether

Close to your childern
Close to your childern | Source

Here are 10 ways you should know how to spend time with your children.

  • Touring: Touring is related to physical and mental health issues. So, sometimes it is needed to explore the nature with your children and do not forget to bring good foods, comfortable e and a tent along with you.
  • Spending night in a tent: Although it is a fantasy for children, it’s a fun experience for all ages. You should try that thrilling experience, at least for your own purpose. Thus, prepare for the night along with your luggage and camped overnight.
  • Farming: If you asked your kids, where the tomato grows? And if the reply is like, tomato grows in the market, then you should do something for your lovely kids. If possible you can firm vegetable at your balcony, roof or in a small pot near the guest room. Also,that will enrich the beauty of your living place. Do his work with your children, they will enjoy this work and learn many things. Take them regularly in the market and identify them various foods.

If you wanted to be a good parent, then at first you have to be a good friend, and it is a difficult task to get these both virtues. You have to make balance it as well as you can.

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  • Make a bicycle tour: Make a bicycle trip in the early morning with your children especially on the weekend day. There is no need to run or walk. When you do this outdoor activity with your children, they will enjoy that particular event. Besides cycling is good for health. Thus, you can make your healthy day with healthy journey.
  • Play a game: Select a funny common game for everyone. If you cannot go outside, play it in the indoor. You will realize soon how much it is enjoyable when you start the game. Make sure your children enjoy that game. Thus play some game with everyone and make your life enjoyable.
  • Make fun day: Do fun activities that make your children laugh such as telling jokes or watching movies, watching birds. Nowadays, several television daily soaps have already taken these responsibilities, you have to just sit and watch one of them TV shows with your family. You can also engage your children in art-crafts and make some fun with it.

Reading books with children

everyday at least 30 minutes reading will make your children smart
everyday at least 30 minutes reading will make your children smart | Source

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  • Have a dinner: In these busy days, it is hard to find time for your children because of work. However, you have to understand that your family is waiting for you at your home dinner. Therefore, make a free time for your family so that you can take dinner altogether. Avoid TV while you are taking lunch together and make a dinner in every month or possibly in every weekend.
  • Drop your children to school: If your office is in the way of your child’s school, you can take your children to the school. Your children will learn a sense of support and develop an idea of parenting. This will also give you a chance to make a discussion with your children related to their personal or study.
  • Story Reading: It is to be said that parents are the first teacher for children. If your children are very young, then you have the opportunity to teach them from a very basic level. For example, you can read out some fancy story book for your kids while in the bed. That help them to imbibe a good listening and reading habits.

Have a good dinner

  • Help in studies: It is a very common culture nowadays for the children to get a tuition in order to complete school homework. You can assist your children to help them out some basic queries so that they do not need to go take extra tuition. Thus, you can guide your children properly also make some quality time.

Lastly, Your support and the time is important for your children I their childhood. One day will realize how quality time you have spent you with your beloved children.

© 2014 Mohammad Tanvir Ibne Amin


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