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10 things a mom needs to carry in her handbag

Updated on April 18, 2012

Being a mom is a full time job and its best to be prepared for just about any eventuality when you step out of the house with your child.They will end up with mud on the clothes, or sticky hands from an ice cream/ chocolate. At times its difficult to see how they manage to get into these messes! And then there you are in the middle of the market with a situation!

So here is a list of ten things that I feel are essential to any mother's purse. I do carry all these things in my purse every time I head out with my son.

Handbag full
Handbag full | Source

1. Toy

The small preferably not noisy toy which the child can play with while you carry out your errands. A model car works well with boys and a doll with girls. I even find a small jigsaw puzzle or a pop up book good for this purpose. Pick a toy that's not too expensive and you would not mind getting lost. There is a fifty percent chance that your child will leave it behind somewhere and you'll never see it again.

2. Pen and note pad

This duo serves two purposes. It can be used as a sketch pad by your child and you can also note down any information that you need to remember on it. Since I find it much faster to write on paper thank take it down on my phone I prefer to have a small notepad and pen always handy in my purse.

3. Packet of biscuits

For the time when hunger strikes. It has been my personal experience that the minute the child steps out of the house he is suddenly ravenously hungry. Not for food but for snacks. A packet of chips, some wafers or even salted nuts can work just as well as a packet of biscuits. Carry whatever your child loves to eat. Just make sure its a finger food that he can feed himself leaving you free to do your chores along the way.

4. Toilet roll

This comes in handy to mop up spills, line the car seat so it doesn't get dirty and of course clean up the child. There are so many other uses that you can find for a roll of toilet paper when you just stuff it in your handbag and head out with your child. I even use it to clean his nose after he sneezes.

5. Small bottle of water

Think about the time when you are standing in line to pay some bill and suddenly your child is so thirsty that he simply has to have some water right away. Keep a small 200 ml bottle of water in your handbag for these situations. I use the small water bottles that airlines tend to give you. They are just the right size for the handbag and don't add too much weight to the purse either.

6. Large plastic bag

Okay, this may sound weird but think of the times you wished you had some kind of bag to stuff additional child related paraphernalia into? It can accommodate that Tshirt on which the child poured down the cold drink, the shorts in which he fell into the mud puddle or the bits and bobs that he collected while playing in the park. Having a plastic bag in the handbag gives you the option of putting in the stuff that may dirty the insides of your purse into a different bag.

7. A small hand towel

Sometimes the thin tissues that are provided at restaurants are not enough to help clean up those sticky faces and fingers after a meal. A small but rugged Turkish hand towel can come in extremely handy in such circumstances. I actually have a packet of small two feet by one foot hand towels that I reserve for my handbag. I cut them out of old bath towels that have become faded and frayed. The beauty is that if you feel its become way too dirty to carry home and wash, you can always discard it.

8. A set of safety pins

Tears and rips are a part of growing up. Wardrobe malfunction may not be quite the crisis for children as it can be for a model on the ramp, but a safety pin can make a major difference in these circumstances. And it can have some rather unique uses as well, like the time I held together the thermacole base and cardboard car model together.

9. A torch

At night a small light can be worth its weight in gold. When you need to hunt for that dropped toy on the porch or under the seat of the car a torch can come in really handy. You will have to make sure that you keep checking the batteries in it because children do get fascinated with torches and love to play with them. So make sure it works before you pack it into the bag as you don't want to carry around dead weight.

10. A hand sanitizer

Want to get rid of germs before your child can snack on the biscuits and have no where to go wash hands? Make the child use some hand sanitizer. I must confess that I love the smell of some of these hand sanitizers. Plus it has the added psychological benefit of making the child clean up before he eats. A good habit that must be encouraged even in the lack of readily available water.


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    • cashmere profile image

      cashmere 5 years ago from India

      This is just the bare essentials, I too carry a great deal more :)

    • mary615 profile image

      Mary Hyatt 5 years ago from Florida

      Gee, it seems like I always carried many more things than ten! I probably carried much too much. Good Hub.