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10 Things To Save First In Case Of Fire

Updated on January 24, 2013

You'll Never Know What Will Hit You Until It Happens

It's summer once again and I can already see newspapers teeming with fire reports. I'd like to share my list for everyone who still doesn't have one:-)

What do you know, we had just fire one block away from our house and I tell you, it was scary. Thanks to God Almighty and courageous fire fighters and neighbors who had offered help, the fire was controlled before it reached another house. This experience had shaken me and my husband and I thought that we should have a list of the most important things (persons) we should save first on moments of panic. Yes, persons! Horrific as it is, I have read and heard personally a number of true stories telling how they lost their loved ones in fire just because they forgot to wake them up.

You'll never know when disaster will hit you and it will be of your advantage if you have something to walk you through.

Here are the 10 Priority Things on my list in case of fire:

1. Your Kids/Elders - Self explanatory. Children and elderly people will always be priority on these kinds of disasters because they are the most vulnerable. If it happens that you are one of them, call for help right away and have someone with you who will take care of your needs. If you don't have anyone, it might be safer to get just whatever valuable it is that is nearest to you and head for the safest place outside.

2. Your Pets - If you are someone like me who value your pet as much as any of your family members, then have them in your priority list. They deserve it for making you happy.

3. Your Life - Save your most precious things inside your house but most importantly, save yourself so you can still appreciate what's left after everything has happened. If you believe that you and your spouse are one after marriage, like I do, then your husband/wife already belongs in this number. Worse comes to worst, forget everything in this list from 4-10. You already have a life with the first three.

4. Your Wallet/s (identifications) - You know how hard it is to lose and get into unending crap when you apply for lost ID cards. Save your self from all these stress by having a box dedicated for all your IDs and wallets. My keys always go along with wallet too so I already got the combo covered.

5. Your Certificates - Marriage contracts, baptismal certificates, real estate documents, school transcripts, life plans, warranties.

6. Your Gadgets - This includes your precious cellular phones, notebooks and PC (without the monitor). These are the ones you can easily pick up and put inside your car.

7. Your Jewelries - Aside from your bank accounts, you will need your precious jewelries during these times of financial stress. They might also be your beloved heirlooms or gifts from your friends.

8. Your Car - If you have a car or your vehicle, make sure that you already parked them in a safe distance. Smoke and shards may damage your car when a sudden explosion happens.

9. Your Old Photos - This is the digital age and your photos must be already on your hard drive. But if in case you haven't scanned your old photos, grab them and put it somewhere safe. You don't want to lose all those memories in fire.

10. Your Collectibles - My husband will kill me if he sees that I put this on my last list. Well, I'm not a collector but he is. If you collect something and you value it, have a contingency plan on how you are able to bring all your stuff out when a fire happens. Maybe you can create your own list of your collectible items and sort them out which will go first:-)

Do you have a list too! Share it with me please!

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