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The Father -An Unsung Hero, How Can The Bond With the Kids Be Strengthen?

Updated on October 7, 2016

Memories are always there to cherish but few moments only become memories

Father's Day Special
Father's Day Special

Father- The Unsung Hero

We all love our parents, as we all very well know that they love us unconditionally. The parents always put their child first, they kill their wishes to fulfill their child's wishes. The Mother has always been praised and got more importance as compared to the father while parenting is concerned. The reasons could be infinite, but definitely not fair. The father is equally important for the upbringing of a child. He is an unsung hero who works day and night to meet all financial needs of his family. He may not get enough time to spend with his kids, mostly in case of very hectic jobs. Sometimes, he could not develop a bond with his kids, as he is busy in earning bread for them, he wants his kids to lead a luxurious and happy life. Due to this hectic lifestyle, most of us cannot enjoy the warmth of relationships. Though, we can always try to make some days of our lives special.

I remember how my father has always been a special person in my life. Bu,t being in a very time demanding and a transferable job, he never got enough time to spend with us. There my mother always came to rescue our bond with him. We need to talk to the kids and make them understand that running and meeting the expenses of a family requires a lot of hard work to be done. A mother can play a very vital role to bridge the gap between the kids and their father. We need to spend quality time with our family, whenever we get time. I am writing this article based on my feelings for my father, how bad we all kids at home felt on festivals and special days when he was busy with his work. My mother was a very intelligent and sophisticated woman, she always made us understood how laborious my father is. She always planned some surprises for us, so that we got to spend time with our father. Hence, there is a lot of job on both partners end, A father always holds a very special superhero kind of image in his kid's mind. He should try to strengthen his bond by spending a lot of time with them.

Many surveys have proved that kids those spend equal time with both parents are more confident and smart versus the kids those spend very less or no time with their father. As a kid, we always waited for the days when we use to go for an outing, movie or picnic with our parents. Now as a mother I can completely relate why my kids don't sleep at night till their father comes. They both get a very less time from him but the connection, chemistry, and bond he shares with the boys are amazing. He is always juggling to save time for his kids from his hectic MNC job. Full points to him to be a very caring and dedicated father.

Maintaining eye contact in conversation with your kid for few seconds daily increases his self confidence

Activities that can bring a lot of happiness and joy in the family

In today's scenario kids are really sensitive, smart and inquisitive. Their curiosities may get them attracted towards the darker sides of this world. They need proper guidance and friendly environment from both the parents. Here a father can take care of his kids, as a counselor .But hectic schedule makes him exhausted, he is busy with the mobile phone, laptop, and next business tour planning. Job laid stressed out situations, make it more complicated. An unseen gap between the two develops and it widens, whenever he yells or ignore them. As a father, you may have also felt that your kids are more open to their mother, they don't divulge their secrets to you like before. Maybe, at times kids don't perform well in their studies too. You may be worried about your kid's social etiquettes, and future, but don't know how to handle the situation.You can read on to find how we deal with our kids by very simple ways learned from our elders.

1) A Hug matters a lot: - Start your day with cuddles and kisses. Go to your kids to wake them and hug to tell them how special they are for you. Sometimes, display of affection becomes necessary in the case of kids .It’s a proven touch therapy, which only spreads love and smile.

2) Share Breakfast: - Try to have a family breakfast time daily. Start your day with some of your favorite breakfast meals. Share it with your kids. You may also try your hands at cooking. Make your kid’s favorite breakfast dish and label it like Daddy’s special or From Daddy’s Kitchen. Your kids would love it and wait for your next kitchen cooking session even if the dish was not so perfect.

3) Watch Video recordings and family picture Albums: - Share some special moments with your kids watching your old videos and picture albums. Tell your kids about their childhood mischiefs and family history. Tell them about their grandparents.

Believe me, it's amazing feeling while you watch your favorite captured moments with your kids. Kids feel so special.

4) Buy a surprise gift: - You have to know your kid's likings and dislikings for this one. You can also surprise your kids by buying something he or she is asking you for so many days. You would surely get back that wonderful smile, which you always want to see.

5) Bake special Cake with your kids: - Kids always love to have Cake. If it has been prepared by their father, it is definitely a special one for them. It is an easy task if you are a good cook. If not you can take your wife’s help. Indulge your kids with you while mixing the ingredients or decorating the cake.

6) Go outing: - You must take your kids to an outing this day. You can choose activities of your preference like fishing, boating or simply watching a movie in a mall. It creates a family bonding. Tell your kids that you are always there for them, even if you are damn busy.

7) Playing Video Games together: - You can enjoy some relaxing moments. Just take your seat on your favorite couch ever and switch on your game. Trust me the most wonderful moment in your game would be to get beaten up by your kids.

8) Buy a Pet: - You would not believe this one. Kids love Pets. It could be a pug to Persian cat or a bird. They do find a special friend in them. You can plan this surprise and gift it to your kid as a special present from Daddy.

9) Ink your kid’s name: - A weird but latest trend to show your love to your kid. Getting your kid’s name tattooed on your body is fashionable, trendy and special. Oops! Have you been planning for this one? So don’t wait this is your day to get it done. Get framed a big and nice picture with your kids, cuddling them and place it in your living rooms wall. Pre-plan this carefully or choose your old picture to get it enlarged to fit the best place on the wall. It would be a good surprise for your loved ones.

11) Celebrate a gadget-free day:- I know this is most difficult as we have to be on our toes every time for our work. Going offline or not using cell phones even for an hour may not be possible, but we can try to schedule few hours on a holiday and minutes on weekdays to put all your gadgets away from you and your kids. The technology is taking us away from our families.

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A father always loves his kids but he doesn't show it. He is one who provides financial security to his family. For this sake ,he leads a very stressful and hectic life. This could be possibly the reason why men become bald very quickly in younger age. They never ask for a recognition for their unconditional and undeclared love. Hats off and respect.

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    • Ashish Dadgaa profile image

      Ashish Dadgaa 10 months ago

      @ Neelam,

      I must say that this article has come directly from your heart.

      Being a mother of 2 boys, you must have observed or face something and you are come up with this beautiful masterpiece :)

      I am sure your King must have bought up their prince in the best way. :)

      Really good articles with top 10 tips.

      Bless you Queen :)