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11 Things You're Doing Wrong as a Parent

Updated on July 23, 2016

Having a kid can be tough. Here are some simple tips that you can follow to make things a little bit easier.

1. Letting your kid watch TV before age 2

Yes, it is recommended to not have your child watch TV until the age of 2. But sometimes, it is just nice to put them down when they are bouncy or you need a five-minute nap, and let them watch a show. This is not so bad and can really help you to get a break.

Just make sure to pick out shows that are educational in nature and limit the screen time. This is not something you should have on all day while you ignore the kid, but 20 minutes to make supper or fold the laundry will not be that negative.

2. Not having your house perfectly clean

Who in the world has a perfectly clean house with a baby? They must be insane or have found a magic wand that does the cleaning for them. Your house looks like a warzone at most times and who has the energy to clean it up?

Rather than wasting time and energy on this process, come up with some tricks. Find ways to hide the mess at a moments notice for when friends and family decide to come over at the last minute and don’t worry about it otherwise

3. Choosing to have that pizza delivered for supper

Raising a baby is hard, especially if you are taking care of other children or working at the same time. Don’t feel guilty of occasionally calling in that pizza rather than going with the home cooked meal each night.

4. Giving up on breastfeeding before year one

Breastfeeding is an amazing thing. It helps give your baby everything that they need and unless you are purchasing a pump for at work, it can be free (especially compared to buying formula).

That being said, it isn’t worth it if the hassle becomes too much. If you can’t produce enough for the baby, having trouble with latching, or it just doesn’t work for your schedule, it is fine to give up. Your baby will be fine and it can take some of the hassle and headache away.

5. Not napping when baby naps

Yes, we’ve all heard that napping when baby naps is important, but unfortunately there are lots of household chores that you have to get done and often they only occur when baby is asleep. If you have other kids, it becomes even harder to nap.

Sure, it is a great idea to sleep with the baby, but if you have a lot of chores to get done, you aren’t going to sleep anyway. Get the work done and don’t feel guilty!

6. Letting the baby co-sleep with you

Co-sleeping can sometimes be the best way to sleep. Babies spent nine months nice and cozy in your tummy and once they’re born, we expect them to sleep on their own in a separate bed? Some babies do fine with this, others want to be close. Go ahead and hold and cuddle them. It can avoid the tears and help you get that critical sleep when they’re first born.

7. Not being able to get through that horrible crying

The cry out method was invented by heartless parents who could let someone else take care of the kid. Most of us parents just can’t take a whole night of crying! Whether it’s because you feel bad for your baby crying or it is grating when you have to sleep before work the next day, the crying has got to go.

Don’t feel bad about giving in. The first six months won’t spoil the baby at all and after that, it still isn’t bad to give in a bit. Perhaps consider a bit of crying, but when you can’t stand it anymore, go in and show them some love.

8. Missing out on events because it’s more fun to cuddle with baby and catch up on shows!

Yes, hanging out with your friends is fun and it’s good to get out of the home on occasion. But if you’re exhausted and can barely get up and move or had a tough night with a teething baby, don’t feel guilty for giving up and sit at home. Your friends will understand and you can just relax.

9. Doing things your own way

There are a lot of parents who feel that they are failing because they are not doing the whole parenting thing the same way that their friends do. They see the friends who are perfectly posh, always dressed nicely, and ready to show off their perfectly dressed prep school kids.

Give up on that dream. That lady has a whole team behind her making that magic happen and is probably just waiting for the chance to stab you in the back.

You are a two-person army, perhaps a few more if you have some helpful hands nearby, and raising a kid is hard. Be proud that you got out of bed and put on clean clothes and just enjoy life.

10. Not taking all your mother-in-law’s advice

Yes, she has had children, but that constant attitude of knowing what is best is not always helpful. Plus, you’ve seen how her kids have turned out and may not be that ready for your kids to do the same thing!

Just nod politely and go on your merry way having things work the way that you like.

11. Avoiding the laundry

Laundry stinks and as your child starts to move, you will find that doing it is even more of a pain. Wearing the same outfit for more than one day at a time may have horrified you in the past, but if it puts laundry a few days down the road, take advantage!

Just do a quick check of the outfit before starting. If it looks clean and doesn’t smell too bad, just go with it. No one is really going to notice.


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