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8 Banned Baby Names

Updated on August 5, 2016


In Iceland, the female name Carolina is banned because "C" is not a letter that's found in the Icelandic alphabet.


In Morocco, it's okay for a woman to be named Sara- without an H at the end, but it's not okay for her to be called Sarah- with an H at the end. Sarah with an H isn't allowed because it's the Hebrew version of the name, and Morrocan law states that primarily Arabic names should be used.


Believe it or not someone wanted to name their child after the holy ghost..and in New Zealand, the name has been banned.


You won't find a girl named Violet in Malaysia- the name (along with any other nature names) has been banned.

(Venerdi) Friday

Venerdi (translated to Friday from Italian- is a name that was vetoed by the Italian government when a couple tried to name their child after this day of the week. The reason behind the ban was to protect the child from mockery.


Don't name your daughter Tessa if you live in Russia, because the name is banned due to it's Russian translation which is "urinate".


In Sweden, nick names or shortened forms of names aren't allowed on birth certificates. In other words, Tomas is allowed but Tom is not.


New Zealand has banned the use of names that are too similar to official titles like "Duke", "King" and "Bishop".


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