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10+ Fun Things to do With Kids Inside

Updated on January 2, 2018

It's winter outside, and that means snotty noses, colds, and bored kids. When the weather turns grey, all the kids are either complaining they are bored or they are in front of the television.

Keep them out from in front of a screen and make cold or rainy days fun with these awesome, and cheap, activities.

1. Board Games

That's right. It's time to take those board games off the shelf, dust them off and have a good, old fashioned family game night. If the kids have gotten too old for Chutes and Ladders or Candyland, pick up some new board games for family night. Games like Cards Against Humanity are great for older teenagers (like the 18 year old ones) and other games like Pie in the Face can make game night hilarious.

2. Shaving Cream Paint

Get out a muffin tin and fill the tins up with shaving cream. You can use the cheap shaving cream from the discount store and that will work fine, just don't get the gel kind.

After that, mix up some food coloring to give the shaving cream a pretty color, and let the kids paint a tile wall. It washes off easily, and will keep them occupied for hours to come.

HINT: Red food coloring doesn't wash off as easily and may stain some surfaces easier than other colors.

3. Slide Down the Stairs

Turn that baby bed mattress into a make shift sled for the stairs. Pile blankets and pillows at the bottom of the stairs and let the kids take turns flying down the steps until their hearts are content.

They will have a blast, and you can pile enough pillows and blankets at the bottom of the steps to guarantee that no one gets hurt.

4. Fashion Show

Turn the living room into a red carpet and let your little girls be the divas they really are with a fun fashion show. Get out your dresses and heels so that they can wear a different outfit every time they strut down the runway.

Thrift stores are always full of feather scarves and different purses for the kids to play with. If there are three inches of snow and going out isn't an option, go through the closet and let them have some fun.

Complete the fashion show experience by letting them play with your make up and taking pictures of every girl that walks out onto the runway.

5. Paper Snowflakes

Bring the beauty of winter inside by creating beautiful paper snowflakes. Just get some printer paper and scissors and spend the afternoon getting crafty with the little ones.

To add a little bit more fun to the day, hang them from the ceiling and tape them to the walls to create your very own winter wonderland in the living room.

6. Movie Night

Just because the kids are stuck inside during dreary weather doesn't mean that it has to be boring. Entertain the kids with an evening of their favorite movies. Make some popcorn, get out some fuzzy blankets to cuddle with and spend a quiet evening relaxing together.

7. Cotton Ball Snowmen

If your little one is sad that they are sick and stuck inside when they would rather be outside making a snowman, help them feel better with a cotton ball snowman. Get some cotton balls, a sharpie for the eyes and some glue to hold it all together.

After that, let your imagination take over while you create a giant cottonball snowman.

8. Bake Cookies

It seems like every kid loves to help in the kitchen until they are older and you actually want some of their help. If your kid is still at that age, have some fun and bake cookies together or show them how to make homemade brownies. Baking is always a great boredom buster for little ones.

9. Have a Tea Party

Get some Kool-Aid and break out your daughter's tea set. Bake some cookies and gather the teddy bears. Then, sit back and enjoy a fun afternoon with your baby girl and Teddy, complete with "tea" and "crumpets".

10. Marshmallow and Toothpick Structures

Marshmallows are not just to eat anymore. Get some mini marshmallows and use toothpicks to hold them together. Get creative and build a mansion or take an educational route and teach your little one about three dimensional shapes. Either way, you're both going to have some fun building things with marshmallows and toothpicks.

After you're done, use the remaining marshmallows for some delicious hot chocolate.

11. Girly Fun

Instead of another boring day inside, have some fun with your daughters with a DIY spa day inside. Do each other's nails and make up. Break out the foot bath for a full pedicure, and don't forget the face masks!

12. Nerf Gun War

If your kids are a bit more active and sitting down for a movie night is impossible, let them burn off some of that energy with a Nerf gun war. If you have enough kids, divide them up into two teams and the first team to surrender loses.

Add some extra fun by having a "capture the flag" style Nerf gun war. The first team to get their flag and make it back to their base wins the game!

Sometimes, it can be hard to have kids that are stuck inside and keep them from sitting on their butts all day. Use these tips to bring out that active side that seems to have disappeared or to help your kids get crafty and beat the Winter blues.

© 2018 Amber Lynn


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