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15 Ways to Show You Are Proud of Your Child!

Updated on October 2, 2014

What Your Children Are Trying To Tell You!

Ever wonder what you miss in your child's day?

When you see your child running around outside do they tell you what they were doing? Do you ever go out and run around with them? Do you get down on their level and just let life go?

When they call your name and ask you to come play, do you ever say just one moment and when they go back to playing do you forget and continue your task thinking they have forgot they asked you to play?

A child is only a child once, they only go through childhood once, and when they ask you to play and you are trying to do your dishes, take a step back, and think about how important those dishes really are.

When you are trying to wash the floor and your child runs through the house with their little sticky feet and cover your nice and shiny floor with tiny footprints don't get mad, take some pictures, turn on some music and enjoy those tiny footprints come tomorrow they will be bigger!

Do You Truly Listen To Your Child?

When your child runs up to you, a picture in hand rambling on about how they drew a smiley face with legs, hair, hands and a big nose do you truly hear that? Or do you say, "Oh that is nice hunny!" Well you continue doing whatever it was you were doing prior?

Do you ask your child about his or her day?

Do you enjoy watching your child tell you stories the excitement and pure innocence that lights their faces, and brightens their eyes?

Are you trying your best to understand exactly what they are feeling?

What can you do to improve you listening skills?

5 Ways To Show Your Child You Are Proud Of Them!

1. Show up to their games, sit through and enjoy their concerts, songs, and dances.

2. Hang their drawings and paintings up around the house.

3. Always talk positively about them to other adults.

4. Tell them you are proud of them!

5. Be there for them, listen to them and enjoy time with them.

Play With Them!

Some Proud Parent Quotes

My children are gifts to be cherished and loved!

My children make me a better person!

Kids are life's greatest treasures

I'd like to be a perfect mother, but I am too busy raising my children!

Proud Of My Babies

Are You Doing Your Best To Tell Your Little One You Are Proud?

Do You Tell Your Children You Are Proud?

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Five More Ideas!

* Do you show excitement when your child shows you their report card?

* Do you stand on the side lines and cheer for your number one?

* Try sitting with them at their level and asking them about their favorite part of their day.

* Give them encouragement and support even if they are struggling, tell them you are there for them.

* Don't let them beat themselves up, explain that they are trying to do their best and you are proud of them.

I Have Two Amazing Little Girls!

A Mother's Poem

Watching you grow

Smiles lighting your face,

Love bursting from your heart

As you twirl with grace.

Your eyes so beautiful,

Your dreams so wild

You make us so proud

You are one amazing child

I never dreamt when I had a daughter

That they would be so brilliant

No one loves you more

Then myself and your father.

We have two beautiful babies

We wish would stay little forever

But our little girls are growing

You will always be our girls forever and ever

The things you teach us

Every single day

Will forever stay with us

We cherish everything you say

So please don't forget

That we love you so

We are proud to be your parents

We are proud to be here to watch you grow.

Love Your Mama

Be Proud For Every Little Thing Your Babies Do!

  • Enjoy every little thing your child does.
  • Take pictures of all their achievements.
  • Take in every little moment.
  • Be there and listen to your children.
  • Give your children hugs and kisses and tell them they are your hero!

A Little Side Note!

I am a mom of two beautiful girls, I really try to enjoy every moment with them, I write to them whenever I think of it. I try and enjoy the little things, I myself get caught up, but I have promised myself to be a better listener, and a better supporter. I want them to know they are the center of my universe, they make my world go around. Without my children I wouldn't be the woman I am today. I have a supportive husband and two little sweeties that I am proud of, I am their biggest fan. Now please go and enjoy a little time with your children. Let them teach you something new!


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    • profile image

      Sandra Mitchell 3 years ago

      I am the Momma of this amazing Momma and there is not enough time or space to tell the world of just how I love and am proud of her!