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12 Ways to Protect your Children from Kidnappers

Updated on September 25, 2014
  1. Never let your little one by itself in a public place.

    Including the shopping centre, a department store, supermarket, or even your vehicle! Children left unattended even for one minute face a really serious risk of child abduction.

  2. Arrange for a safer house (or residences) in your neighborhood.

    Make sure that your kids understand that they can go there for help whenever they ever need it.

3. Check out your kids' older good friends and all possible babysitters.

You need to know for sure if you can definitely trust someone who will be able to takecare with your kids for just a few moments at a time.Lots of children are abducted byindividuals who know the victim.

4. Don't place your child's name on his/her clothing, kid’s toys, and even other items.

Additionally, tell your kids to never ever give their names to a stranger. . Most children are much more supposed to believe in someone that knows their name.

5. Do not ever leave your child go to a public restroom all alone.

Bad things can occur within just a few minutes, and kid abductors are the best con performers everywhere.

6. You need to have on provide an up to date color picture of your kids, an existing child ID, medical and also dental record. If you ever haven't undertaken as such otherwise, get your kids fingerprinted as early as possible.

7. Word codes.

Go through secret code words with your children. Go for a word that would not be simple for a stranger to guess. Make use of this code word when a different adult is required to take your kids.

Tell your kids they must never follow a vehicle with a person who did not know the code word. Inform other parents to make their particular family code words.

8. Luring methods of abductors.

Teach your kids about the common lures as used by abductors.
Normally, a kidnapper attracts victims by simply asking the child to help find a missing animal. Also, the stranger will ask kids for directions.

Occasionally, abductors recognize the child's name or maybe the names of the child's parents. Predators try to use this knowledge to win the child's trust. It is important to tell your child that older adults ask other adults for help when honestly looking out for missing animals, or when they have some other type of support.

Furthermore, repeat to your children the important of the family code word. If a stranger recognizes the child's name, but fails to point out the code term, that stranger is most likely a threat.

9. Bear in mind certain people.

Despite that you don't know them particularly, it can be also sources of help – police forces officer, sales person, a parent with children, a security in the mall.

10. Stranger awareness.

Advocate your kids that store outlets, schools, libraries and even fast food outlets are typically safe public places wherein they can run if they have been in a difficult situation. Provided that those selected locations have many people in them.

11. Make basic safety circumstances a normal part of life.

Built examples and role play (even when not an emergency) for example "What if somebody you don't know pertains to pick you up at school?" of "What will you do if someone you don't recognize in a vehicle asks you for information?"

12. When feasible, advise your kid to use a cell phone and follow up with you from time to time.

Child abduction is a dreadful situation that worsens all the time, however simple steps can really help protect your child.


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