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3 Fundraiser Events for Kids

Updated on February 25, 2016

Here are three fundraiser ideas that are sure crowd-pleasers since the items involved are universally appealing and the products are something virtually everyone loves—hands down!

Yankee Candles Fundraiser

Yankee Candles is an instantly-recognized brand with a reputation for extremely high-quality; and this type of item is a favorite item that can be enjoyed all year long. Yankee Candle has become a prominent leader in fundraiser efforts and offers more than 150 items to choose from ranging in price from $6.00 to $28.00 with a 40% profit margin for one's fundraiser campaign.

Fundraiser teams have the full support of Yankee Candle, 7 days a week, where their customer service center will promptly address any issues as well as ship any missing or damaged items directly to the seller's home to ensure prompt delivery to buyers. Additionally, there are no materials costs and no minimum orders; and Yankee Candle tallies all orders and ships orders with respective seller's names on each box.

To make fundraiser efforts easy and to fully optimize sales, Yankee Candles offers its own mobile app, via iTunes and Google, that makes selling to family and friends around the country a breeze! Contacts can be loaded onto one's mobile phone or device and those contacts will receive one common email invitation. Buyers can shop online anywhere in the country; and orders will be shipped directly to them.

Whether the occasion to purchase candles is for Mother's Day, Easter, birthdays, the Thanksgiving table, Christmas gifts or personal enjoyment, Yankee Candles are a fundraiser winner any time of the year!

Scratch Cards Fundraiser

Scratch cards are a very popular break from cookies, candy, and popcorn; and the profit margin is usually high—around 90% or more. There is no inventory to keep track of; and companies within this genre offer a card-design library as well as customized cards that can be created with team logos or school mascots, for example, at no extra charge. Scratch-card companies that cater to fundraisers all operate very similarly, with some variances; but, overall, here is the gist of how it all works:

1: Each member of the fundraiser team receives a single card with, say, 50 scratch-off areas. The hidden amounts per area will range in value—from 50 cents to $3.00—for example.

2: With single scratch-cards, team members ask neighbors, friends and family to scratch off at least 2 spots. The sponsor and will choose and scratch 2 or more spots and donate the total amount that is uncovered.

3: With most scratch-card companies, each fully-scratched card will generate $100.00 in donations.

4: The profit per card will depend on which card design the fundraisers may choose; and profits can be as high as $95.00 per card.

5: Booklets are, also, available, and come with coupon sheets for the sponsors. Coupons can include offers ranging from discounts for groceries and hotel rooms to free pizzas and movie passes to online shopping sprees. The same concept applies where the sponsor scratches at least two spots. Once the revealed amount is donated, the sponsor is presented with a coupon sheet that can be used anywhere in the country, as a 'thank you' gift.

Scratch cards are fun, easy, and very motivating for all team members and sponsors, alike!

Coupon Books Fundraiser

And speaking of books are a real winner because sponsors know they will get a full return on their investment (and more!) if they use the coupons, as intended. Because of this, coupon books are a hit as a fundraiser idea for kids. Schools can earn 50% profit or more with no up-front costs or risks; and the booklets usually cost between $20.00 to $30.00.

Those who purchase coupon books are not only donating to children's much-needed causes, but they are benefiting themselves, in the process. After only a few redeemed coupons, the coupon booklet is virtually paid for—for example, several free zoo passes would pay for a coupon book's price, alone! Then, there are the restaurants, retail stores, national chain stores and family attractions that are, typically, included in coupon books sold by children.

Here are few examples of savings that coupon books have provided:

*** 40% off a single item at Michael's

*** Free kid's meal coupon at Applebee's

*** Dollar-off coffee coupon at Dunkin' Donuts

*** 50% off child's admission to local zoo/botanical or science center/museum etc.

*** Buy one/get second item 30% off at Payless Shoes

*** B1G1 Free (Buy 1/Get 1) BigMac at McDonald's

*** $2.00 off movie ticket

Sponsors are eagerly drawn to coupon books because they know there are plenty of discounted products and services offered that they would, otherwise, pay full-price for!


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