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30 Different Ways To Use Breast Milk: Medicinal, Cosmetic, Beauty and Consumption Alternatives

Updated on July 21, 2015
30 Different Ways To Use Breast Milk: Medicinal, Cosmetic, Beauty and Consumption Alternatives
30 Different Ways To Use Breast Milk: Medicinal, Cosmetic, Beauty and Consumption Alternatives

Breast milk is, without a doubt, the perfect infant nutrition. But its usefulness is not limited to babies, or nursing mothers.

Whether you realize it or not, people of all ages can benefit from the incredible healing properties of this naturally produced milk.

It is sterile, anti-bacterial and can even help heal. It has been known to cure ailments, be a medicinal alternative, a must-have product for a beauty routine and even made into other consumable foods. Yes, it is an incredible resource.

Here is a detailed list of different ways that you can use breast milk.


1. Get Rid Of Diaper or Nappy Rash: 
Simply place a few drops on the affected area as often as needed. It can heal a rash as well as any manufactured cream on the market, but in this case there is no risk of allergic. Allow to dry, before putting a diaper back on.

2. Prevent Diaper or Nappy Rash: To prevent redness or rashes occurring, use it at a topical moisturiser.

3. Painful Feeding:
 Some nursing mothers experience pain in the first few days/weeks of feeding their babies and often turn to Lanolin or other balms to sooth dry, cracked and often bleeding skin. To heal and soothe, just rub a few drops of milk onto the area.

4. Eczema: 
Babies often suffer from dry skin patches which can result in eczema. If you want an alternative to store-bought moisturisers use this natural product.

5. Eye infections: It is common for babies (and people of all ages) to get what is called pink eye, or an eye infection if their newly formed tear ducts become blocked. Drop some breast milk into the corner of their eyes and its natural antibodies will help to remove any infection without the harmful (potential) side effects of antibiotics.

6. Insect bites, cuts, and scrapes: 
Perfect for helping to relieve the itch of a mosquito or insect bite and to aid in the healing process of any minor cuts and scrapes. Just place a few drops on the area before applying a bandage.

7. Ear Infections: Put a few drops into the ear canal every 24 hours to help clear up any infection. A far safer alternative than antibiotics.

8. Relieve Itching: If your child gets chicken pox, it can be dabbed on with a cotton bud to help relive any itching and aid in healing of any sores.

9. Sore throat: Swirling some of the milk around in the mouth and even gargling with it can help.

10. Cradle cap: Apply to the scalp of any baby who has cradle cap, a few times a day. Then wash off as normal as part of their regular bathing routine.

11. Mouth Ulcers or Canker Sores: Mouth ulcers or canker sores are awfully uncomfortable and can occur anywhere in mouth including the inner lip, gum and even the throat. There are many topical treatments available however why not try to gargle or swirl the milk in your mouth around the affected area. It may just do the trick.

12. Leg Ulcers: Dab the milk onto the area, allow to dry and then cover with a bandage.

13. Cold Sores: Dab onto the affected area on your lip and allow to try. Repeat as often as possible. It will help to dry the area up.

14. Warts: Dabbing a problematic wart with this natural antibody regularly will help it dry and disappear.

More extreme medical examples

The use of breast milk has been known to help people who are experiencing many of life’s harder to manage situations.

15. Cancer patients who undergo chemotherapy treatment are known to experience severe nausea. Drinking the milk can help to sooth their stomachs and be a wonderful natural aid in strengthening their weakened immune systems.

16. Burns patients. It contains antibodies and fat which becomes an excellent natural skin soother for burns.

Cosmetic & Beauty

17. Makeup removal: 
Simply rub onto skin and rinse clean

18. Puffy Eyes: Dab onto a cotton wool ball and pat around your eyes.

19. Skin cleanser. Perfect for gently cleansing your skin without drying it like regular soap can.

20. Acne: It can help to prevent acne because of its powerful antibacterial properties.

21. Dry cracked lips: Perfect for keeping your lips moist.

22. Dry skin: Using it as a moisturizer is a great natural way to keep skin soft.

23. Soap: Soap recipes are varied but are said to create an amazingly beautiful soap that is perfect for skin of all types.

Consumption Other Than Feeding Your Baby

These are only a few of the miraculous healing benefits of breast milk. Who knew that our bodies could produce a substance with so much nutrition for babies, but helpful benefits for people of all ages. It can almost be considered liquid magic!

Many people have turned to using this magical liquid to cook with. Now this may definitely sound totally bizarre but it is sterile and it is much more nutritious and healthy than regular cows milk.

There are many interesting recipes around. Here are a few ideas that may spark some creativity for you.

24. Ice cream: Those that have tasted it know all too well that it is a sticky sweet substance so making a sweet ice cream out of it makes sense.

25. Popsicles or Icypoles: This is a fantastic way to help teething toddlers. Freeze the milk in a plastic popsicle container and your little one can bite it and allow not only the cold milk help to soothe pain but also it becomes a healthy treat.

26. Mesh Feeder: You can also make little ice blocks and place them inside a mesh feeder for your little one to bite on.

27. Baby Food: When you next puree baby food or make a batch of vegetables, add some milk. It will provide nutrients and also sone added natural sweetness.

28. Coffee Creamer: This one may make your tummy turn, but at the end of the day it is milk, and it is sweet. Could it be the alternative to sugar and milk in your next coffee?

If you prefer not to use or consume your milk, other than use it for your baby and you find that you have more than you can manage, you can always freeze it for later or donate it.

29: Donate it: There are many women who are unable to produce milk for a number of reasons to feed their babies, so why waste it. From cuts and scrapes to boosting immunities, fighting infections, and soothing skin. This can be a wonderful gift.

Last but not least, did you know that you can make a unique piece of jewelry out it it?

30. Jewelry: Yes. Breast milk jewelry exists too, to commemorate this special time with your baby. Some may find this extraordinarily beautiful whilst others will not be able to grasp the concept of seeing a mother wearing a piece of jewelry with her milk from the time she fed her child.

31. Hair Dye: Have you ever colored your hair and stained your skin accidentally? Breast milk removes hair dye stains on skin. Amazing!

This milk is such a precious commodity, why would you want to waste it. .

Disclaimer: These are purely suggestions for use. These do not replace medical advice. Please seek appropriate medical assistance where required.


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