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How to Love a Child

Updated on August 31, 2012

35 Things to show on how to love a child

1. Always smile.

2. Always be with them.

3. Don't get upset when they are cranky.

4. Hug them more often.

5. Play tricks that they love.

6. Be a sweet person to them.

7. Do not say 'no' every time. They will mimic it.

8. Yes- can't be that bad.

9.Play with them with the smile on your face.

10. Take them to the park.

11. Enjoy yourself when you are with them.

12. Tell them some magic words.

13. Eat ice cream together.

14. Please, no yelling.

15. Screaming can be alarming to them. So, don't yell.

16. Give love all the time.

17. Be gentle.

18. Teach kindness.

19. Tell stories.

20. Don't spoil the story for them. If Cinderella found the prince at the end, so be it. Don't spill the beans saying, "This isn't real. When you grow up....".

21. Let them find out the reality when they grow up.

22. They believe in Santa Clause too. Don't spoil the fun. Don't ruin their Christmas.

23. Don't forget to wrap the gifts for them too.

24. They love surprises. Gifts are always appreciated. No matter how small or big.

25. Change your voice when you tell the tales.

26. Be playful.

27. Act like a pirate. A lion. A frog. A duck. Act silly. Anything that makes them laugh.

28. Chase them.

29. Play hide and seek with them.

30. Tickle their sweet spot. They love it.

31. Please, no cursing in front of them.

32. Talk about rocket ships and gigantic things that make their eyeballs round.

33. If they ask questions- answer it thoughtfully.

34. If they keep asking, keep answering.

35. Enjoy every minute you are with them.


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