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3D Ultrasounds Baby Sophia Video and Images

Updated on January 30, 2011

My wife is 31 weeks pregnant so we decided to have a 3D Ultrasound session for our baby Sophia. We have had 2d ultrasound sessions at our hospital but it was never very clear and it was just to make sure our baby is developing fine. This time we decided to have the 3D ultrasound session because we had seen images online and we were very curious as to how our baby would look. I will admit I was skeptic because the 2d sessions were kind of frustrating since all we saw was very blurred or images we didn't understand, I will say there were some images that did resemble a profile, a foot, but mostly it was just the reassurance from the Doctor that our baby was on the right track.  Now let me clarify what an ultrasound is and the difference between 2d and 3d.  An ultrasound image is basically sound waves being sent into the body and sent back as images. The difference between 2d and 3d is that 2d the waves go straight down and sent back, in 3d the waves are sent in angles and the images are scanned by a sophisticated computer as 3d images.

3D Ultrasounds Baby Sophia

We arrived at the session and my wife was very excited about the experience. I was excited as well but with some reservations. My wife laid down and the session began by the technician scanning my wife's belly looking for our baby Sophia, I thought it would take sometime to find her but in a few seconds I was seeing her face in the monitor and I have to say my world changed, at that moment I realized that baby moving in there is mine and I will be responsible for her care with my wife on my side. It is really amazing how a moment, a second can change your life upside down. We were able to see her facial features, 2 eyes, a mouth, a nose, ears, a perfect baby, our baby. The skepticism immediately changed to joy as our baby started moving making sucking gestures, it was an amazing experience where time just stopped.

Baby Sophia
Baby Sophia

The 3d ultrasound session really gave us peace of mind that our baby is doing fine moving, being a baby. There are arguments that 3D sessions solely for entertainment should not be done because it may give the mother a false sense of reassurance; thus the reason why we decided to do the session at 31 weeks and the technician also asked us for proof that we have had regular 2d ultrasound sessions at a regular hospital, so we were not in for a surprise in terms of knowing our baby was developing fine, we just wanted to see our baby in a more human like fashion and I have to say it was more that what we expected. I can't wait to hold my daughter and to care for her.

The 3d ultrasound session ended after about 45 minutes; we were very happy to have seen our baby face and to have seen her move. We still have about 9 weeks until she is born but she has already changed our lives in a way that our priorities have changed to make sure she comes into a world where she will be provided the love and care she needs.

can't wait to hold my baby.


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    • Ruben Rivera profile image

      Ruben Rivera 7 years ago from Colorado, US


      Well we had a few ultrasounds before so we knew the sex, although the technician said it was a girl so he was right. It was an amazing experience to say the least to see her face and to see her move.

    • Ivorwen profile image

      Ivorwen 7 years ago from Hither and Yonder

      I had one of these with my third child. It was amazing! The lines on his fingers and lips were clearly defined. What amazed me most though, was that with all the clarity, the sex was still predicted wrong. lol