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4 Problems that your teenager faces

Updated on December 28, 2011

Various problems teenagers face

The number of problems teenagers face is increasing not just generation to generation but rather day to day. With each passing day, the life of teenagers becomes more of a challenge. It’s not just common problems that you may have dealt with in your days, teenage problems today are totally different and teens have to deal with drug abuse, violence, alcohol abuse as well as family issues.But, the sad part is that most parents have no clue regarding the difficulties faced by their children.

Some of the common problems that teenagers have to deal with are explained below:

Family issue:

Teens are not kids; they’re young adults and can clearly understand the happenings around them. Family issues, especially divorce affects teenagers more than kids because teens have their own opinion on things and often can’t come to accept the reality. They may even begin taking sides and in extreme cases turn to drugs and alcohol. Family issues are the largest problems teenagers face as this is the cause for most of the other challenges that they have to deal with. Teenage boys and girls are affected and it’s not just the boys that tend to deviate and go on the wrong path.

Drug abuse:

Drug abuse by teenagers is rampant in today’s society.Drug abuse is one of the many problems teenagers face and with proper guidance can be curbed. When a teen takes to drug abuse, everyone has to suffer – family and friends and not the teen alone. Therefore, the group as a whole will have to deal with drug abuse. A majority of the deaths between the ages of sixteen to twenty five are due to drugs.Drug abuse in childhood could lead to serious problems later in life and the child could take to criminal acts as well. To deal with drug abuse the child will have to be counselled and the cause ascertained; mostly the cause is depression and anxiety.

Alcohol abuse:

Alcohol abuse is the most rampant teenage problem and has blended with the society to such an extent that there’s almost nothing that can be done. Alcohol consumption is so rampant today that not a single party can go on without having booze. Alcohol addiction causes a lot of problems; but, those caused in teenagers are far more devastating and could ruin their entire life. Since, teenagers are still maturing; there are a number of physical and mental changes taking place. Alcohol can ruin their metabolism and hence cause a number of health related problems.


Teenagers today are faced by many challenges and one of the biggest issues they need to escape from is violence. Boys and girls as well as young kids are seen with guns at school. Your teenage child could be carrying one as well. Petty fights could result into shootouts and therefore every day is a living nightmare for teenagers at schools. Violence isn’t just another problem that teenagers face, it’s a real threat to their life and society, with proper guidance the level of violence in schools could be drastically decreased.

Solving teenage problems and issues:

There are many more issues that teenagers have to deal with. The best way to help them overcome these hurdles is to maintain friendly relations with them, so that they are free to discuss their problems with you. The number of problems teenagers face keeps on increasing and therefore parents need to support their child at all times.

There are lots of websites that provide more information on this topic however I personally found to be very useful.


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    • profile image

      bob 3 years ago

      I take every drug there is posib in haman histrie do you know to get them from

    • profile image

      jackie 5 years ago

      Hi, my daughter is only 13 she lies staight in my face.Goes to the weirdest palces last week i found that she was drinking . I am a single mom my hours at work is very long byt granny is still at home but she just doen not care she walks right over granny.I am scaed i will lose my daughter.i sent her away to visit some family for th holiday but now i hear she is putting her life in danger by standing on the corner with guys she does not even know and smoking .whwt am i to do Help!

    • Wonderwomen profile image

      Wonderwomen 6 years ago

      I wouldn't say those are all 'problems'. Family issues are life and what everyone my age deals with.

      However i would say Alcohol is a massive problem. Im 15 and i started late to drink, most people in my year were experiencing alcohol when they were 13/14...