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4 Things To Consider Before Choosing A Preschool

Updated on March 16, 2018
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Ashley graduated from NVTHS in 2016. Upon graduation, Ashley now works at a High-End Salon.

Often times, parents, (especially newer parents), find themselves having a difficult time when it comes to choosing the right Preschool/Daycare for their child to attend. Many Parents consider the location of the School, while other's may even consider the quality of the outdoor Playground, but let's face it. Sending your children to School requires a lot more thinking than just the thoughts of where they will have the most fun finger-painting, or playing with friends.

The application process & School tour seems reasonably simple, but what should you really be focused on when making the decision?


Tuition Cost

This one is EXTREMELY important. Childcare Tuition can be very costly, especially if you are enrolling an Infant. The younger your child is, the higher tuition rates will be. Infant tuition for five days out of the week alone averages out to be $1,500 a month (or more depending where you go). Although smaller childcare centers offer lower tuition rates, corporate/private centers offer more benefits, and have more safety precautions.While there are parents out there that are able to afford high-priced childcare, there are also many parents out there that struggle with tuition rates. Before choosing a Preschool, you always want to do your own reasearch, and see what school's around your area fit your budget.


The Director may not always play a part in your child's day-to-day Education, but most Director's are genuinely kind so they will most likely know all of the student's name's, and greet parent's as they enter/leave the school. Their responsibilities include correcting curriculum, managing school finances, funds, helping/hiring Teacher's, and more. You always want to observe the Director because some only care about the money. You want to make sure that the Owner of the school is attentive, compassionate, positive at all times, and does what is needed, to run a successful business.



Many parent's admire communication, simply because they don't get to see their child 24/7. Thanks to technology, some Preschool's offer paperless daily reports that can be sent to parent's phone throughout the school day. These "must-have" features aren't at all school's though. Many school's still have paper report's. If you are a parent that loves communication, make sure to ask if the school offers paperless communication.

Teaching Staff

Last but not least, the Teacher's! It is SO important to get to know your child's Teacher. It can sometimes be difficult to recognize the good qualities in a Teacher, but it's important to know what some of them are. A few of the better qualities in a Teacher include the following:

  • The Teacher crouches down to your child's level to talk to them.
  • The Teacher creates trusting bonds with parent's/family's
  • The Teacher encourges student's to be social
  • The Teacher always communicates with you about your child

A good way to observe these kinds traits, is to visit the classroom at different times throughout the school day. If your child's Teacher has any of the qualities listed above (or more), chances are they are great at what they do & will make a great Teacher.

If you had the option, which one of the following would you choose?

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© 2018 Ashley Riley


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