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4 Ways For Teens To Earn Money Tutoring

Updated on September 8, 2015

Your teen wants to earn extra money or you have suggested that they earn money to purchase the extra things that they want, good for them or you!This is a great thing for teens to do as it gives them a sense of purpose and responsibility. In addition, character building is a part of life that should be encouraged.

While opportunities may not be numerous for teens when it comes to earning money the following are four great ways teens can earn the money they want.

  1. Tutoring in academics:

    Your teen has been through what other children are now facing. This is very true when it comes to school work. If your teen is a good student, and good at explaining things, then a tutor in math, English, or science could be a good fit for them.

  2. Sports tutor:

    This may not be what comes to mind when we think of teenagers being instructors for others, but there is a growing need for older kids to act as tutors of sports. Some of examples would be hockey, soccer, football, and basketball. They can give pointers, and valuable tips along with additional practice to a child that many times the parents cannot. In addition teenagers have the ability to be a great role model if of good character.

  3. Social Media:

    What could most teens better at than social media? Teenagers are very versed in social media for the most part. Teens can make the money that they are seeking by being a social media tutor. As a tutor the teen can provide many tips, and tools. They can instruct one-one-one on the workings of social media and how to make the most out of it. If the one being tutored is a child, they will be able to instruct them as to what is the proper thing to post and how to post it. With this being said, children need to be aware of areas that should be approached with caution. Many older adults have many questions about the internet and social media in general. Teens are great when it comes to assisting seniors in the basics of the internet. Teens that are best suited for this type of tutor, are very patient, and love to teach.

  4. Music:

    A teen who has much experience playing a musical instrument can offer a lesson in music to a youngster who is struggling in this department. A teen will more than likely be less expensive than a typical music instructor, and quite possibly be a more comfortable mentor as well.

    Many children are taking music lessons or want too. Teens that have learned various music instruments and are talented in this area are in big demand to help instructor others. In addition music lessons can be rather expensive, so your teen will be able to offer their service for a bit less. Children love to be with others that are a little older, that are not adults. There is a special connection that a teen can offer in light of this. This is just a short list of possibilities. I am sure that you will discover many more with a little thought.


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