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5 Benefits of Children's Radio Programs

Updated on April 5, 2017
Kristine Manley profile image

Kris Manley is a blogger, author, and speaker. She's a guest on radio in the U.S., Canada, and overseas, as well as a guest on network TV.

When was the last time you, as a parent, saw your children turn off the TV, put down the video game, or stop texting or talking on the phone to listen to the radio? That's a rare sight isn't it? Probably the only time your children may listen to the radio is when they are in the car with you or with their friends, and they are probably listening to music. My Mom talks about when she and her brother and sister used to listen to radio programs more so than watch TV. She said it was the norm for them to listen to certain children's programs on certain nights of the week and they enjoyed it.

There are many traditional and online children's radio programs that are fun and educational. Children's radio programs offer so many benefits to our children, so let's take a look at five benefits.

  1. Listening to the radio doesn't cost a dime. What an inexpensive way to learn. For stay-at-home Moms and Homeschooling parents, a good idea is to have Lunch & Learn time with your children, and here's how. Find a children's radio program that comes on around lunch time. Let your children know that a day or two a week you and them will eat lunch together and at the same time listen to stories on the radio. Let them know this will be their Lunch & Learn time. You may listen to a traditional radio station or find a children's radio station on the Internet. After listening ask your children what they learned from the program.
  2. Listening to the radio allows your children to use their imagination. Allow your children's minds to draw pictures from the words they hear from the stories. Let them imagine the characters, their colors, their faces along with anticipation, happiness, and joy that the characters may feel. Your children could imagine a different outcome for the characters. If the characters are in trouble, they can be saved through your children's imagination. Imagine along with your children as you are drawn into the stories. If your children see something good in their imaginations, you see it too and say, "yes I see it too." Let your children see that Mom and Dad can imagine as well.
  3. Family Listening Hour. What a fantastic bonding atmosphere especially when a parent and child snuggle up together on the sofa and listen to the radio - it's ok if someone falls asleep (SMILE). A roaring fireplace really enhances this time of bonding. A Family Listening Hour also allows your family members to enjoy each others' company. Create a calming atmosphere from the TV and phone.
  4. Listening to children's radio helps shape your children's character. Stories on children's radio have character building themes. There are stories on sportsmanship, team building, sharing, showing love, caring, giving and much more. Children are little learning sponges and these stories on children's radio can assist your children in learning valuable life lessons.
  5. Children's radio is a great outreach program. For some children, radio is the only outlet to the outside world. This is especially true for children living in areas, or other countries, where technology is limited, except that of radio. Children's radio programs offer a diversity of characters from other countries, and some children may only experience our diverse world through these radio programs.

Encourage your children to take time out and listen to a good children's radio program. Listen with them, listen as a family. Purchase a wacky looking radio just for you and your family to gather around. There are benefits in children's radio programs.


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    • Kristine Manley profile image

      Donna Kristine 4 years ago from Atlanta, GA

      Thanks RTalloni!

    • RTalloni profile image

      RTalloni 4 years ago from the short journey

      Some good stuff for kids here. How have I missed congratulating you on posting this until now? So glad to see finally see it and be able to let you know that you make some fine points about listening to family/children's radio programs. It's one of those old-fashioned activities that should not be overlooked.

    • Kristine Manley profile image

      Donna Kristine 7 years ago from Atlanta, GA

      Hi StarCreate, I agree with you, listening to the radio does teach our children to listen actively - great point.


    • StarCreate profile image

      StarCreate 7 years ago from Spain

      I think this is actually a great idea for teaching kids to LISTEN actively - so much rich multimedia they can consume so passively, radio listening builds concentration and engagement. Thanks for reminding me... and all these stations and others are probably streamable online now!