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5 Best Organic Cotton Fitted Nursery Sheets For Your New Born Baby

Updated on July 10, 2013

As parents our first effort is to give our baby the best of everything possible. This of course includes a good night sleep too. Our heart simply beats with happiness when we see the baby is sound asleep and in his own world. It is such a delight. I have seen my 35 day old son smiling in sleep and it looks soo sweet.

Give your baby good night's sleep with organic cotton crib sheets
Give your baby good night's sleep with organic cotton crib sheets

Benefits of Using Organic Cotton Crib Sheets:

In order to give a perfect sleep to your child it is utmost important that his bedding is also comfortable.

This includes bedding sheets which have to soft and delicate because a baby’s skin is sensitive and can easily develop rashes if the sheet is rough or not soft.

When it comes to having the best sheets for your baby you can surely opt to go for organic cotton fitted baby sheets.

Being organic these are free of any chemicals and are developed with earth friendly techniques. Since no chemicals are used during the process of turning cotton into fabric, so they are safe to be used for your newborn.

Apart from this the nature’s comfort, delicacy and strength of the cotton remains intact.

Here are 5 best nursery sheets for your baby which are processed with organic cotton:

Naturepedic Organic Cotton Crib Fitted Sheet

Naturepedic is a GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified manufacturer of bedding and thus trusted across the world by not just the moms but doctors too. Apart from this, Naturepedic also meets the GREENGUARD certification standards too which ensures that there is no chemical emission in the process of development.

This baby sheet is designed with 100% cotton so as to give your baby the comfort of a good night sleep. The standard size available is (28" x 52" x 6"). The sheet comes with a fully elastic perimeter which is helpful in holding the sheet securely thus there is nothing for you to fear about the safety of your baby. The plus point is that this crib sheet will not shrink even after you have washed it multiple times, so for sure it is worth the price.

American Baby Company 100% Cotton Value Jersey Knit Porta-Crib Sheet

This 100% cotton value jersey knit portable crib sheet is available in as many as 5 pastel colors which are soothing to the eyes. These are cozy sheets which are easy to wash. It comes with 5” deep pockets which ensures a secure fit.

No Compromise on The Safety and Hygiene of Your Toddler.Buy the Best Nursery Sheets for Your Newborn
No Compromise on The Safety and Hygiene of Your Toddler.Buy the Best Nursery Sheets for Your Newborn | Source

American Baby Company Twin Pack 100% Organic Cotton Interlock Fitted Crib Sheet

This organic cotton crib sheet is interlocked and measures around 28" x 52" x 9”. To ensure a snug and secure fit, it comes with a 9” deep pocket which has elasticity all around. This crib sheet has been designed in a way that your baby always feel comfortable while lying down. The good aspect which makes it worth buying is that being organic it is safe for your child from all point of views even if he has sensitive skin. The sheet is natural and thus free of chemicals and bleach. However, they have a strong smell which is a major turn down.

Kushies Certified Organic Fitted Crib Sheet:

The crib sheet for the babies are made from 100% certified organic cotton thus they are soft, delicate and healthy for your baby. The USP of these crib sheets are they are fully elastic so they offer a perfect fit and offer space for shrinking as well. There are various warm colors which are available for these nursery sheet to buy from.

Cariboo Bassinet Sheet Set, Organic Cotton:

The organic fitted cotton sheets are derived from cotton which is 100% organic. They are delicate and comfortable fabric and have been produced by using eco-friendly dyes. Thus being chemical free they are safe for your baby. These sheets come with a certain amount of stretch to ensure that they fit properly. These are available in 6 colors to choose from.

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Go ahead and buy any of these, after all your baby is special for you and you want everything best for him. If you liked this post, do me a favor please:

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    • younghopes profile image

      Shadaan Alam 4 years ago from India

      Thank you so much mrveg for liking this post, you are right our busy life doesn't give us a chance to spend quality time with the baby and so forget about his comfort too.

    • mr-veg profile image

      mr-veg 4 years ago from Colorado United States

      Good one Shadaan, these are pretty useful tips and we tend to neglect them in our busy lifes... After all the baby is always precious and we should take care at each and every step... nicely put together.. appreciate the tips out here...