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5 Easy Ideas to Keep the Kids Entertained Inside

Updated on March 3, 2014

Reason Not to Be Outside

  • Severe Cold Temperatures
  • Severe Hot Temperatures
  • Thunderstorms
  • Tornadoes
  • Hail

Why can't we go outside?

My kids love to play outside, they are probably the only kids on our block that use their bikes throughout the winter as long as the sidewalks are clear. This winter in the mid west has been hard on all of us, suffering through the polar vortex and not being able to play in the snow has been rough on my kids. They now think 20 degrees is warm and will play outside for as long as I let them when it finally reaches that temperature.

It is cold. It is very cold here in the Midwest. When temperatures reach the negatives and wind chill bring is below -30 everyone is stuck inside for extended periods of time.

We have needed to get creative this winter with out activities and our time. While I do admit that my kids have watched entirely too much TV this winter, (can I just blame the Olympics for that?) we needed some thing to turn it off and engage in life.



Baking and cooking are great ways to pass time inside and help keep the inside toasty warm an smelling good.

My kids have cute little chef in training aprons and help me cooks things. They love being in the kitchen even if they do make it take longer and create more of a mess in the process.

This also gives us a good opportunity to get ahead by preparing parts of meals for later in the week. I can pre-make things like muffins, breakfast sandwiches, ground beef, and so many other to freeze. Often when i buy ground beef I cook several pounds of it at once and divide it into smaller segments to use in things like tacos, chili, spaghetti, and other meals. I have cooked meat that I I can easily defrost quickly

Don’t eat everything you make though because it will just increase your waistline.


Yoga & Meditation

Pretend you are on a beach, envision it, live it.

Put on a dvd or do it together - Find some activity that gets you moving a little without knocking over lamps or furniture.

My kids actually like doing yoga, probably more than I do. As a former dance I should probably love yoga but it just annoys and depresses me that I am not as flexible or able to do poses and positions as I could in my youth.

Although some days I feel like a good meditation or yoga session would help in this dreary weather.

Maybe even just some WII yoga.




Do your kids love books?

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Read a Good Book

Snuggle up with a good book, whether your are reading a book together or reading separately take time to read a good book. My 5 year old rarely sits still but when I start reading to him he is entranced and doesn't move a muscle until I am done.

I really like the app Goodreads to help me find books that I like. i just started using it and have already accumulated a list of want to read books. I could spent an entire day reading and home to instill some of my love for reading into my kids.

Dance Party

Who doesn't love a good dance party? Put on some music and get silly. This is a great way to get some energy out of your kids when they can't go outside and run.

Turn on some great tunes and start moving. My kids think it is hilarious when I start dancing. I guess those 20 years of dance lessons didn't pay off in coolness factors with my kids. Maybe someday they will think i am cool but probably not.

Time to Color

Younger kids love to color and so do some moms. I think it is really calming to sit down with some great art supplies and a coloring book.

My kids are suddenly into drawing things. We have been putting on how to draw videos from youtube and watching and creating their favorite characters and things.

My oldest son is really into Mickey Mouse and Disney right now (might have something to do with that upcoming trip to Disney) so we watched some great you tube videos of how to create Mickey Mouse. Neither child moved from their seat for over an hour. Fabulous and my kitchen is now clean.

Drawing Mickey Mouse

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    • kthix10 profile image

      kthix10 4 years ago from IL

      Thanks! I can't wait for the thaw of this winter - my kids are ready and so am I!

    • kerlund74 profile image

      kerlund74 4 years ago from Sweden

      I really like this:) Especially the meditation and yoga. I have some more suggestions in one of my hubs, if you want some more suggestions.

    • twoseven profile image

      twoseven 4 years ago from Madison, Wisconsin

      Great ideas! We do all of these, though my sons are not that into drawing and coloring. I am with you feeling the pain of this cold cold winter! Brutal! Can't wait til we are writing hubs about what to do with your kids on hot summer days :)