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5 Ways to Help Your Kids Be Time Efficient

Updated on May 27, 2016

Time... We are not immune!

As adults we are often are up against the clock, racing the second hand to get this done or that done. Be on time, don't be late, get here, go there, it never seems to end does it? We want to save our children stress of trying to squish more time in their day and help them develop into healthy individuals on their way into adulthood -- Preparing them to be time efficient has got to take priority to help them succeed in the society that we reside in!

We set the example.

Time management is essential for success in every aspect of our lives, if we want it to be or not. Going for a lunch date but are running an hour behind... will a second lunch date quickly follow? I don't think so? Think that we can maintain our standing at work if we are always late? Or maintain our family lives if we don't consider portioning off quality time? Time can sometimes seem like our enemy, but in reality it can be our closest friend, ensuring that we get everything into the right pattern! Our children learn from the examples that we set. If we can teach our children early on to work with the clock then it will not be their enemy as they enter into adulthood...

Organizing time can be a fun experience

If we make time our children's enemy -- we are not doing them any justice for their future... But if we can make it fun! Hello to the road for success!!!

Time Efficient Time #1 of 5

DIY - Making a 'Fun Time Wall'

1. Pick-up a few (very inexpensive) clocks... Or order some clock paper (often costs less than $2.00 a sheet!)

2. Use a highlighter and highlight directly on top of the plastic clock face to highlight 'fun' times (such as bath time, t.v. time, craft time, etc)

3. Use a picture of the activity, or write it on a piece of paper if they are old enough to read and post it beside the clock

Making time for fun is always a priority



Did you battle time as a child?

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How is your child with mornings? Early bird or foggy and groggy?

Now I hear the horror stories from parents everywhere about how their children's internal alarm clock is set before dawn has broke! Not ok! Not ok, at all!! How about having a clock set up to show them the time for 'in room quiet play' for in the morning and a big error pointing to the 'out of room time'? As parents, we need all the beauty sleep that we can muster! And maybe, just maybe our children will feel empowered by taking charge of the clock.

Time Efficient Tip #2 of 5

Tips for if you are planning on using the 'morning quiet time'

1. Before you head off to bed set out a small breakfast snack platter of fruit and crackers

2. Try a morning fun box -- have a special box or container that contains items that they can only use on 'morning quiet time' -- if the box is good enough you might even get to sleep in!

Reward good time behavior...


Reward good time behavior...

Ever find yourself giving your child a list of get-err-done items? Get dressed, brush your teeth and brush your hair... What does your child have to look forward to once they get their list complete? What if your morning list was on a check list (a picture check list for a younger child) that has the reward, or benefit once they complete the tasks that they have to get done.

"Clothes, teeth and hair, sweetheart... When you are done breakfast will be on the table..." Sounds nicer doesn't it? A reward doesn't have to be a treat, it can be fulfilling a need in which your child may have (like breakfast).


Does your child go to bed a little bit better with a little light?

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Surround your children with time...

Before children I had no desire to adhere to a clock. But my children helped me grow... They needed and craved consistency, nearly begging me with their sweet little faces to become more organized. For their sake, I stepped up to the plate and introduced them to scheduling... And what do you think happened??? They loved it! A few times a day I would hear sweet little voices ask me 'Is it time yet?'. They loved checking the clock!

Try gifting your child a few decorative clocks that are completely theirs... Clocks come in all different shapes, styles, colors and designs these days... Small or large, plain or full of their favorite cartoon characters! With all of these options it will be easy to surround your children with 'Happy Time'...

Parenting tips to assist your child's time management success:

Can we as parents help our children overcome their struggles with time management. Yes! Different things will help different children, so the journey to better time management may be a trial and error path, not everything worked for every child.

Tips to try:

  • Cut the stress out of their schedule: if your child struggles with mornings, have them get prepared for the morning the night before
  • If your child is too busy to get everything done in their day, it may just be time to pare down their schedule... Not enough time to get their chores done right? How about cutting back their chore list, not the time, and try having your child focus their time on getting the reduced chores done right

These two tips can really save both you (the parent) and your child undue stress. Life in general, childhood especially, is much too short to work against the grind of our internal schedule -- lets help time fit into our life and work with our personalities...

Children can benefit by routines while they develop their time management skills...

Now we can know everyone's time

Time, near and far

One of my children's favorite things to do with 'time' was to call a loved one that was far away. Explaining time zones to them was another thing though! Truth be told I wish I would of thought of a time zone clock when my babes were still babes! It would have saved hours and hours of explanation time every year!

Tip: To help them keep track of family and friends that are far away, try a time zone clock with multiple faces. Dedicate a face for each friend or family member, who each will get their own 'time' setting... Don't forget your child's time zone!!

It is our job as parents to set a good example for our children!


Let them help plan their schedulesss

Time Efficient Tip #3 of 5

Children will not always stay small and under your parenting advice. One day they will grow into independent adults. Let's give our children the gift of setting them up for a time friendly adulthood! Encourage your children to help set their schedules -- for fun and for work.... Make time and scheduling a fun activity that brings everyone together... After all... It is always time to make a bonding moment...

The final two tips...

Time Efficient Tip's # 4 and 5

#4 Be prepared for your child ahead of time -- Don't put them into a position of having to rush.

#5 Reward your child when they are 'on-time' --- this will help your child strive to meet your goal all the faster

Each child is beautifully unique. They have their own style and flare... And the come with their very own internal clock that will dictate if they are a morning person, or a night owl... If they get the goofies at bedtime, or sump into a slumber.

As parents, we can attempt to alter our children's internal clocks -- to make them conform to society's normal, but what if we decided instead to embrace their internal clocks. Would your child grow?


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    • aesta1 profile image

      Mary Norton 

      3 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      I like the idea of a morning fun box. I like to enjoy life and not be hurried so I prepare always ahead of time for things that I need to do.

    • LouCannon profile imageAUTHOR

      Amanda Louise Cannon 

      4 years ago from Wynndel BC Canada

      Thanks DDE... And I totally Agree Lorelei!

    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 

      4 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      Valuable points for parenting and you put together a very helpful hub.

    • Lorelei Cohen profile image

      Lorelei Cohen 

      4 years ago from Canada

      I wish that I could find at least another 5 or 6 hours in each day to accomplish all the things that I am attempting to. Time seems to go by faster each year.


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