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5 Tips for New Mothers

Updated on November 2, 2015

Tip# 1. Keep baby as settled as possible.
Remember a Happy Mom means a Happy Baby.
It can work well for you to sleep with baby next to you in their cot.
This will give the baby the feeling of security and will be less disturbing to you both should baby awaken during the night.
Good habits start early so don't delay in establishing good habits sooner rather than later.
Use good quality diapers and lots of quality baby cream applied for the night and to avoid disturbing baby do not change their diaper at night.

Tip# 2. Co-sleep or don't co-sleep. Yes or No?
This is an age old question.
From the people surveyed the general consensus is that co-sleeping is very settling to the baby
but is definitely not recommended if Mother is intoxicated.
You need to be aware that once you start this practice you are creating a habit that some time in the future you are going to have to break. If you procrastinate breaking the habit it can become a hassle for you for years to come.

Tip# 3. Put baby to bed at the right time.

What is the right time you may well ask.Look for Baby tired signs. These could include yawning, eye rubbing and various other body language signs that indicate Baby is ready for sleep. Wrap Baby tightly and retire them to bed when these signs appear.

Tip# 4. Don't under estimate how much a Baby knows and understands.
Make sure they comprehend quickly the difference between night time (no playing or talking to them) and day time (lots of talking to them and playful interaction). Stick to this routine and Baby will be more settled and life will be much easier for Mother.

Tip# 5. Breast feeding is recommended but doesn't work for everyone.
Don't feel bad if you can't do it or can't produce enough milk.
There are several alternatives.
If you are breast feeding be aware that it is likely that by night time your milk will have less fats and nutrition than in the morning feeding. Baby may want to feed longer until they feel satisfied.
If you are experiencing this you may want to adjust your diet during the day in preparation for the night feeding.
Foods that help this situation are known as good fats producers :
Always pulp the Baby's first solid foods at around about, but not strictly on, the 6 month mark.
This will aid Baby with digestion and reduce the risk of choking and re-flux.
Know that Baby will make you aware of what Baby wants.

One for the road.
It is recommended that the Baby Seat should always be secured in place, rear facing for the first twelve months.
This will relieve strain on Baby's neck muscles, which are yet still developing, and help avoid injury in the event of sudden braking or an accidental crash.


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