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5 Surprising Lifesavers for Baby's First Weeks Home

Updated on August 23, 2016

When you're expecting your first child you do a lot of research into the must-haves and essentials for your new baby. This list highlights a few items that are rarely mentioned and a couple more common items that can be used in unexpected ways.

A Robe

I'm normally not one to wear a robe but I spent my son's first couple weeks home wearing a nursing tank top and athletic shorts, not exactly a modest look for mixed company, so, I always kept my robe nearby in the event of an unexpected knock on the door. it saved me on on multiple occasions. I also used it in the hospital when the nurses had me walk around to stimulate labor I didn't have to worry about feeling exposed or just cold.

Prepackaged Food

I thought I was so prepared when it came to food. I had stockpiled, prepped, cooked, and froze all types of meals. I was one large, proud, pregnant lady. Turns out most of my efforts weren't that useful. Freezer meals are great, and that lasagna that your Aunt Fern brought over is fantastic,but it's not always practical. When a fussy baby is demanding your attention the time it takes to get the proper dishes and heat up food may be too long, and forget getting to eat it while it's still hot. I found the easiest way to not starve to death was to have food that I could grab, open, and eat with one hand. I ate a lot of granola bars, pre-cut fruit and Hillshire Farms Snacking packs. A friend of my recently told me she lived of GoGo SqueeZ Apple Sauce during her fourth trimester.


I know what you're thinking, and yes I understand that bibs are a well known baby item. However I vastly underestimated their importance with little ones. I received an excessive amount of hand-me-down bibs from a friend when I was pregnant. I smiled picturing them covered in sweet potatoes or some other disgusting baby mush, when my little one was finally able to eat "real" food, and then I proceeded to box them up for later use. That box has now been ripped open and bibs are a part of our daily life, even though sweet potatoes have yet to make an appearance. The reason is simple; Bibs save clothes. Babies spit up and a burp rag over your shoulder will not protect little one's adorable outfit. It it much easier and quicker to change a bib rather than an entire outfit. I especially utilize the bib when I know a visitor is coming over and will want to see my son in whatever they bought him. Although I did hear you should never let a baby fall asleep wearing a probably don't do that.

Couch Caddy or Basket

It's three in the morning and your're up feeding your little one again. You make your way to the sofa. You get situated. You get that precious, screaming, bundle of joy comfortable and latched then settle in to re-watch The Office on Netflix. When you realize the remote is on the far end of the coffee table, out of reach. You carefully shimmy your way toward it, careful not to disrupt baby. Once you have retrieved the remote you settle back in your spot only to realize your water bottle is out of reach, or a burp cloth, or your phone, or any number of things that have never seemed so important or so far away. All this stress could have avoided with some type of moderately sized storage device that can sit on the sofa or armchair with you and house all of your necessities.

Receiving Blankets

I was never big on receiving blankets. They're plain, thin, small, and my child outgrew their ability to swaddle him quickly. However if you came to my house now you'd think I owned stock in whatever company makes them; they're everywhere. My son has several places he likes to chill depending on his mood. He has a swing, a play mat, a Rock 'N' Play, a bouncer, and our couch. Each of these items is covered by a receiving blanket and will remain so until he outgrows them. It's not because I love the look but because washing said blankets is one hundred times easier than washing the covers to any of the items I previously mentioned. The blanket protects the hard to get on and off covers from spit up, diaper blow outs, and who knows what else. They make life easier.

Whitmor Woven Strap Small Storage Tote Java
Whitmor Woven Strap Small Storage Tote Java

Even something as simple as this can make your life with a newborn much easier.


Which of these items did you find most helpful in the first few weeks of your child's life?

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