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5 Ways to Entertain Child at Home

Updated on March 17, 2016

As you know, sometimes it becomes challenge to care children at home. I am an uncle of three naughty children. When I do my job of writing article, they scurry around disturbing me. But, what you can’t cure, you have to endure that.

All right, I am going to try to give you some idea about how to entertain child at home. Here are my personal experiences with children.

1. Origami: It is a Japanese art of folding paper into different shapes. When I was a child, my father used to teach me such arts. It is very interesting to create something from waste papers. You can imagine different shapes and can create different shapes like flowers, heart, etc., by folding and cutting it with scissors.


2. Painting: This is an art, worth trying. Children love to paint different shapes like buffalo, horse, elephant etc. First of all, you paint some shapes of buffalo, horse etc. whatever you can, then tell children to do that. They will absolutely try to paint that shapes. Thus, you can keep them busy while doing your work.


3. Paper Plane: This is an old idea, practiced since ages, to entertain children. You can easily make a plane out of a piece of paper. Make some paper planes and teach your child how to make it too. Now bring your children in a street and launch paper plan. As you may already know, Wright brothers have used paper plane model to develop real aircraft!


4. Tell a story: Storytelling fulfills two objects at a time; entertaining and strengthening moral values of child. Tell your children the stories of intelligence, bravery and truthfulness. Moral stories play a vital role in developing over all personalities of a child. You can also inform them about your family tree.


5. YouTube videos: There are lots of YouTube videos available, that children like to watch. Just search as ‘Entertain child with YouTube’. You will find lots of videos on YouTube; do find videos having educational values, so your children also learn A, B, C, D and 1, 2, 3.



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