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5 Ways to get your kids off of the electronics, while simultaneously giving back and connecting with the family!

Updated on February 22, 2016

Volunteer as a Family!

Have your kids ever said, my life is so hard! After listening to the reasons, because we don't want to discount their feelings, does it ever dawn on you that your kids need a dose of reality in the world? They just don't know, and volunteering is a way to teach them to think outside of their own desires and focus on giving to others. So here are 5 great ways to give back as a family!


#1 Start here! GenerationOn

When we first started looking into ways to give back, that the entire family could do together, we started here GenerationOn! An Amazing resource and guide to family volunteer opportunities!

From groups to join, to ideas you and your family can do on your own, this website is so full of ideas!

Browse by issues you are passionate about as a family, they have everything from a-z.


# 2 Charity Miles App! Family hikes and bikes can help those in need

If you are looking for a great way to give back and get your family fit, this app will help you achieve both! Take your phone with you and turn on the charity miles app as you head out for a family hike, in the park, or family bike ride and you will be raising money for your choice of some amazing non-profits! It's a win-win! Our favorite charity to walk for is every mother counts, an amazing charity headed by super model Christy Turlington that helps disadvantaged Mom's have access to safe prenatal care here in the US and throughout the world.


#3 Serve a meal to those less fortunate

Doing this one time as a teenager, was enough to fill me up with gratitude for a lifetime. I have to admit, it may be a little overwhelming for young kids to handle this experience. But it is certainly suitable for your teenagers and middle schoolers. A simple google search of feeding the needy and your county or city will yield results that will surprise you. Many people don't know what a problem hunger is in this country. If you are fortunate to have ample food to feed your family, and even if you yourself are struggling, feeding those in need is life changing.

Places here in South East florida to feed the homeless and less fortunate are

Hope South Florida

#4 Family bake sale through The Great American Bake Sale

If you are a family who loves to bake, why not do it for charity?! Get as many families as you can together and through a bake sale at your childs school, a local farmers market of community event and you will be spreadin some serious love around. This great organization benefits No Kids Hungry USA. Another win win!

Visit them at

The Great American Bake Sale Charity

Clean Up our beaches so these baby toes don't step on anything harmful!
Clean Up our beaches so these baby toes don't step on anything harmful!

#5 Beach Clean Up

Living in South Florida, we are lucky to have the most beautiful beaches just minutes away. Nothing upsets us more than arriving on the beach and seeing garbage on the beach. An easy way to give back to this beautiful planet we call home, is to bring a few pairs of gloves every so often when you plan on heading down to the shore.

As you go on your walk along the beach, or maybe for the first 15 minutes of your day, spend a little time picking up the litter. Your kids will feel good about themselves, and all those sea turtles, crabs, birds and fish will certainly be appreciative:)

Want to join a beach clean up volunteer team, check your childs school for environmental clubs to join, or google your city or county and beach cleanup day and you will have results for sure!

If you live in South Florida, here is a great local organization that no only provides group beach cleanups but also many other volunteering opportunities here in Broward County Florida.

Hands On Broward


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