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5 Reasons It Pays to Be Grandparents.

Updated on June 21, 2014

Nobody can figure out why it pays it be a grandparent. I'll tell you why and all the perks that come with it, like grandparents day. What can you do with your grand kids that you can't do with your kids? Anything you want, then you can send them on their way. Are their benefits? Are there downfalls? I will let you know, so let's get started.

First off let me explain. I have nothing against grandparents, or anything they stand for. You guys are trying to give the children everything they want, because you just want to make them happy. That is very understandable. In fact when I become a grandparent, I will probably do everything on this list the first day with them. Just please do not turn them into impatient, non respectful, little creatures of burden, I know sometimes it is not easy to be a grandparent, but look at the bright side, kids like you better than there parents.

1. Money

When you were parents chances are good that you didn't have money. It takes time to pay of mortgages and car loans. If you did, good for you and I am glad. Grandparents all the extra money you built up, saved, and now don't know what to do with. Yup, all to the grand kids. That's right, they will get everything. Like you do on grandparents day. It doesn't matter what they will get it for them. It doesn't matter what their parents say. It's who you are and what you do. It's what you do all the time, with all this extra money. All that hard work you have done your whole life, has not been in vain. You are ready to spend it on toys that are going to get broken all the time. The kids probably still won't get in trouble. If you have all this money I would spend it on a college degree. Open a bank account for crying out loud. Do something more productive then just buying stuff.

Yup ice cream for breakfast again

Who are you?

So...are you the parent or the grandparent?

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2. Care

Everything that should be your responsibility is probably not your responsibility. Let's face will take them, fill them with sugar and send them home. I consider this payback for every time your child was naughty. Good for you. When I was young my grandparents day in and day out, used to send me home high on sugar running around all crazy, with extra candy. Sure you do the normal things; make sure they are clean, make sure there teeth are brushed, and make sure they are in bed at a decent time. We appreciate that. However, When they are sick, or misbehave, it is right back home for them. This is understandable. We need to handle there fragile psyches with love and attention. Its not just the hygiene that is important . You help instill an important part of childhood memories, extended family. Everyone knows what happens when we pull your finger. Trust me they know. It is all about behavior as well and we need to see some of that too.

3. Rules

Let's face it rules are a little more, um,lenient, and nothing you say will go over well. So you sit them down in front of a movie, make um be quiet, go about your business. In the parenting biz we call this quiet time, no matter how loud the TV is. Now is the time to relax, well for parents it is, you guys can relax anytime you want. In fact, you could probably go to the movies, and on a hike, and never be noticed. Go outside go on a cruise...who cares you have money. Okay, so I doubt its like that,but still. The point is they can get away with a lot more there. Including ice cream sundaes with breakfast. Wrecking everything you own all the time. When I was young I saw more than my far share of spoiling, as I am sure most of you have as well. That's why grandpa and grandma's house is fun. Once again, understandable. I will always remember the times I spent there.

4. Attention

Yes being a grandparent gets you all the attention. If kids can't have something from their parents, then they come straight to you. They know they stand a good chance of getting what they want. If we can't get them that expensive gift for Christmas, no worries, you will. Kiss and hugs galore, as soon as you are in sight. With everything we say they can't have you certainly have a retort. If I would have got everything I wanted it wouldn't have made me a happier person. One day they will realize those kids can't have anything they want. When they come to you with a lengthy list of unnecessary christmas or birthday gifts, that we couldn't give them, you will give in. You will fold faster then the flash at a laundry mat. Unfortunately for us you will find a way to do that. Until then, Grandparents, you have earned this..enjoy your spoils.

Just another sugar bus
Just another sugar bus

5. Consequences

When you were young, and you did something wrong. Did you get the consequences, yea. Do You do because you knew better. They didn't and won't because well its your parents parents. It's strange that the child is the one who is supposed to know better, but I digress. What are your parents gonna say to your grandparents? Nothing..yup..exactly. What do you say to your parents, when they are in trouble? Nothing if you are smart, and since you are still alive and reading this, I am gonna guess that you are smart. Ha.

Everyday in life as a kid is a challenge, and it's those times in life where its the grandparents day to take over. Grandparents know what they are doing. They have the experience, of there own children's dilemmas. Our grandparents were good to us, we got candy and ice cream and to stay up as late as we wanted. When it comes down to it though...if grand kids are being can just send them home. You could probably get away with getting them a baby sitter. As long as you feed and water them. That is definitely a benefit.

So what is the catch?

Well, I am here to tell you what is up. You guys need to realize, we are the champions. We come to the rescue in there times of need, yea that's us. You can buy your candy coated confections, and your million dollar tricycle with gold spinners. Although your award winning desserts may turn a frown upside down. When there are monsters, or just a ouchie. I promise you they will run to us. With running noses, and scraped knees, we will be victorious. My guess are probably cool with that, and that makes us happy. So next time maybe we will stay and visit too. Maybe...

Please comment below with any stories you might have about...lets say...a spoiling incident with your grandparents. How did they spoil your kids? Did you get them back somehow?

What is your favorite reason to be a grandparent?

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    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 4 years ago

      You do have the best of grandparenting listed here. My hubby and I enjoy our role and it is definitely better the second time around!

    • jravity1 profile image

      jravity1 4 years ago from bellevue, MI

      Its gotta be in the top 5 :)

    • Nell Rose profile image

      Nell Rose 4 years ago from England

      Thats the most famous saying isn't it? lol! give em back when they start playing up! lol! great hub!