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5 ways to bond with your kids

Updated on March 10, 2011

Establishing a bond with your kids has to start from young. It is not an easy task which requires a lot of attention and perserverance on your part.

However if you are able to do it well it would mean enjoying a lifetime of happiness and joy with your family around you.


There are many different activities which you can do as a family to build up a close relationship with all the family members.

  1. Have your meals together regularly.

    For us we make it a point to have dinner with the kids at least 5 days a week. We also get the kids to participate in setting and clearing the table.

  2. Do not be quick to judge the other person.

    Nobody is perfect. When a mistake is made do be supportive of the other person so that he will be able to learn from his mistakes.

  3. Do plan family activities.

    For us we go rollerblading together as a family. After dinner we spend time reading books or playing games with the kids.

  4. Give each member their own space and freedom to self develop.

    No one likes to be restrained and dictated upon. We are not animals who have to be put on leash.

  5. Respect individual difference and opinions.

    Even at the age of 2 my younger son has his own mind. It will be extremely exhausting and frustrating if I try to force him to comply with what I want him to do if he is unwilling. This sometimes end up at me shouting at him and he bawling away in defiance. Instead of dictating my will on him I try to reason with him and normally we are able to come to a compromise which leaves both parties happy.


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    • DominiqueGoh profile image

      DominiqueGoh 8 years ago from Singapore


      I agree that time is extremely precious in our fast paced world. However despite our time limitation there is always the need to make time for our family.

    • Clara Ghomes profile image

      Clara Ghomes 8 years ago

      nice tips lady, we all know that in this fast moving world we have no much time and it makes gap between parent and children but lady your tips are less time consuming and easy.

    • profile image

      Nikki @ Blasian Baby 8 years ago

      Great tips. Thanks