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6 ways to remove your baby girl's body hair

Updated on October 12, 2017
6 effective tips to remove your baby girl's body hair
6 effective tips to remove your baby girl's body hair

Congratulations on becoming a Mom! First off, since your little bundle from heaven has arrived, you will literally observe how she appears. The little one's skin will not be as gentle and soft as you would have imagined it to be. The skin will likely be non moistened and dry, and there may be some body hair called Lanugo. Although head's hair is completely perfect with guardians, it is the little one's hair on the body that may become the reason for some tension. But one must not fear; at least, not every time! Even though Lanugo falls off automatically within a few months of baby's birth, here's presenting some of the natural ways that will fasten the process.

1) Apply Dough made out of Indian Wheat Flour dipped in Some Oil:


This dough is scrubbed off the infant's forehead and the body to eliminate hair. This method is not supposed to eliminate body hair totally but it will be regulated to some degree. This dough massage is further supposed to stimulate blood circulation and help in eliminating any contamination from the body. This age old method may be applied to infants straight since your little one is 28 days old. Also known as Atta or Wheat flour is best for fairing your child's skin tone. Much of the body hair might fall off while massaging your little one with this dough. If facial and body hair are genetic in the house, then it may not get eliminated. But as the little one develops, you might observe it lessening.

Method: The wheat flour is first amalgamated into a smooth dough (just like the one used for rotis or chapatis). This dough is then soaked in mildly hot almond oil, before being rubbed on the little one's body. Many a times a composition of almond oil and turmeric (haldi) is applied for softening the ball.

2) Apply a paste of Red Lentiles (Masoor) with Curcuma Aromatica (Ambehaldi) and Sandalwood (Chandan) Powder:


Red Lentils powder is one of the biggest exfoliant. It smoothly eliminates the hair, dust, waste and dead skin cells from your little one’s body without damaging it a bit. Before the baby bathes, apply some warm oil to its body. Add one tablespoon of Red Lentils powder with one tablespoon cream and a few drops of Almond Oil to make a batter. Massage this mix on the baby’s body and give it a good scrub. Gently remove the scrub by washing it off with slightly hot water. Over! Though, like every other different thing you try out on your little one’s skin, we would advise you do a test for allergic sensitivity for this decontaminating mixture too.

Method: Grate the Red Lentils (masoor dal) in a dry blender until you make a very powder out of it. But you must be assured that the Red Lentils are powdered very fine or the little one may resist against the coarse powder. To this powder, mix Curcuma Aromatica powder and Sandalwood powder. Keep this mixture in an impermeable jar.

3) Using Sunnipindi


Now, we would be telling you of a very ancient household technique for babies' body hair elimination. ‘Sunnipindi’ is a fine powder form of dried Green Gram Dal (moong dal). You must apply this on little ones. Using it on them eliminates the origin of their body hairs before they get strengthened and your babies are sure to have a whiskerless body.

Method: Air dry green gram dal in naked sun light. Grate them into a fine powder. Add 1/4 portion of rice to the fine powder of green gram dal while grating. You may mix turmeric too in the composition. Be sure of using the turmeric sticks instead of the readily available packets.

4) Use the miracle herb Turmeric:


Our grand moms used to have great confidence in turmeric and gram flour with milk cream. Except for having hygienic and antibiotic features turmeric also aids in eliminating unwanted hair growth. This is a very efficient method for hair removal. Rub this batter on to the infant's skin and wash off with water. Practice this religiously daily and observe the difference.

Method: Bring some dried turmeric pods, rinse them well and keep them in the sun and once dried get them for grinding. Also with gram flour, rinse and dry bengal gram in the sun and grind it. Now you have all out and out pure elements. Take just 1/4 tablespoon gram flour and a bit of turmeric with half tablespoon of milk cream and after that you use this mixture to massage your little one.

5) Apply a mixture of Bread and Milk:


This is a very well known technique of eliminating baby's body hair. Along with serving the purpose of hair removal, it also helps in fairing the baby's skin. Massage this mixture over your princess' body and get to see the results in a few days only.

Method: Take a piece of bread and dip it in non boiled milk.

6. Use Olive Oil

Use olive oil to remove baby's body hair
Use olive oil to remove baby's body hair | Source

Olive Oil, a liquid fat extracted from olives in the Mediterranean basin can help you remove your baby girl's body hair. Besides, it also soothes and brightens the skin.

Method: Give your baby's body a tender massage with olive oil twice a day, morning and evening.


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