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50 Free Childrens Activities - Free Activities For Children And Families Part 2

Updated on July 26, 2013

This hub will cover activities children 3 to 5 years old

This series started out as one hub, but was just too long for that. So, this hub will take over where the last one left off. If you didn't read the first hub an would like to, you can find it here.

Children of all ages need to stay active to stay healthy. The 3 to 5 year old child is no different. As a matter of fact, this is an especially important time for a child to be active. Tikes this age are learning health and exercise habits that they will carry for a lifetime. It is wonderful that you are taking the time to read up on the subject, that shows you are interested in doing your best as a parent. Now, although I say they need exercise, you need to understand that children are still fragile at this age. Choosing the activities that they participate in carefully will limit the possibility of unnecessary harm or danger. This list will provide you with safe, effective options and the reasons why they are good for your child.

  1. Playing catch is a nice way to spend an afternoon. Almost every house in the world has something that can be tossed about. A ball of tape will suffice if nothing else is available, and your child will never know the difference. Throwing and catching builds eye hand coordination better than almost any other exercise, and is a big confidence booster.
  2. Simple math is touch and go at this age range, depending on your child's development. What ever stage they are at, if you teach and encourage them daily, a child this age can begin making simple calculations. This will always be free, and can never be done too many times. Your child will use these skills for the rest of their life on every dollar they make or spend. I'd call that important.
  3. Visiting a museum is only free in certain places. Some regions have low costs facilities as well. If you are fortunate enough to be near a free one (or willing to pay if there is not one available) this is an excellent place for accelerating your child's curiosity. The wonders inside will invite their little minds to want to know more.
  4. Beaches are relative. If you don't have an ocean near by, there is most likely a lake. Use what ever is available to you on this one. There are many good ideas tied into one here. Walking and playing together on the beach is a great way to bond and get exercise at the same time. Your child will also be getting to experience the natural beauty, as well as the positive social setting.
  5. Mountain trips are little more region specific. They are free to a lot of use, but won't be readily available if you are living on the plains. If you are the latter, please move to the next activity. Otherwise, mountains are a great venue for an outing. Much like the beach, there are a myriad of benefits to a visit to the mountains.
  6. Playgrounds become a little safer when a child gets to this stage. The equipment at a normal playground is not safe for a child younger than 3 for the most part. Once they reach this stage, most children possess enough balance and agility to navigate the challenges. Along with all the fun they are having, your child is getting exercise, building confidence, and at most playgrounds socializing.
  7. Camping can be done in your back yard, if there is not a suitable area nearby that is free. Children love the outdoors, and their are few better places than by a camp fire on a camping trip. Tell ghost stories or read a book to engage your child's imagination. Star gaze or check out the wildlife for some additional exploring time.
  8. Picnics are something that America has gotten away from. We live in a fast paced world, and don't take the time to do things like this anymore. Make time for a peaceful outing with your child. Eating together is another excellent way to bond, and the environment you choose will build a positive connection that will last a lifetime.
  9. Reading is something that I mentioned in the first hub, but this is different. The first hub was about you reading to your child, this one is about them reading with you. By this age, children should be able to recognize the ABC's. They may not be able to read very much, but getting them involved in reading time is important at this age. Praise their successes to build confidence while they work to build their cognition.
  10. Puppet shows are fantastic for stoking a child's imagination Expensive puppets are great, but a sock and an ink pen work just as well. Act out your favorite show for your tot, and dazzle their little minds. Imagination is an important part of a person's character, and this is another great way to ignite the fire in your little ones mind.
  11. Watching cartoons is a lazy way to spend time, but is great in the right situation. On a rainy day, a snuggle and a little Blue's Clues can go a long way.
  12. The library is an extension of reading, but the place itself has it's own prize. The volumes collected there open the mind of a child to the vast amount of information the world has in store for them. This is a wonderful place to explore and open your child's imagination.
  13. Tic-Tac-Toe is fun to play, while quietly developing strategic thinking. The action of marking the x's and o's inside of the diagram are good ways to practice eye hand coordination as well.
  14. Planting a plant will require planning, if you want to do it for free. There are a million seeds within a mile of your home during the right season, and any one of them can blossom into a plant. Not only will you be teaching your child about science and nature, you will also be helping them to become proactive in protecting the environment.
  15. Coloring was probably started before this age, but this is the time when the child becomes well suited to color inside of the pattern. Teaching them how to do this and practicing the skill develops eye hand coordination, confidence, and attention to detail.
  16. Making paper crafts becomes more reasonable when the child reaches this period. The youngest of the group may not be able to complete the tasks alone, but will make leaps and bounds through this age with consistent practice. The internet has loads of ideas for cheap and free crafts to make with your child. Use one of them to help your child feel productive, successful, and confident.
  17. Hugs and Kisses are here to stay. Attention and affection are timeless, and so are their effects. Take time out every day to show your child that they are priceless to you. This produces an intangible sense of self worth that is difficult to describe with words. However, you can always recognize it when you see it.

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To Be Continued.....

Thank you for reading this hub, and this series. I appreciate your time. If you are interested in it, there are links to the first hub in the series at the top and bottom of this page. You are welcomed to check it out. The third hub will be available soon, and you may follow me if you'd like to catch it first. I have been receiving positive responses for writing this type of hub, so please leave your feedback if you are interested in encouraging me to write more hubs on similar topics.

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