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5 Fun Free Activities to do with your Kids on the Weekend

Updated on February 7, 2017

Finding something to do with kids isn't difficult

Playground | Source

Getting out and About

The school holidays are over and life is back to the mundane. With school come weekends, weekends which require everyone to get out of the house at least one day. But let's face it, having children costs money. From the basic, food and clothing to after school activities and sport to leisure activities on the weekend, which may not leave much left over for fun things to do during our previous time off.

Sitting around at home is only an option for so long before everyone gets stir crazy. Both kids and parents need to get out and participate in fun things on either Saturday or Sunday.

Research has long confirmed the health benefits of physical activity for any one to ignore it, not to mention to keep your brain active as well. Physical and mental activity is vital to a long and healthy life. Time to get out and do fun things.

Some backyard fun to do over and over

1. Get outside and have fun

Organized sport is great but from time to time we all need to let our hair down and just have some fun. What better way to do this than to find a playground or the local park to create your very own obstacle course. Being active in he great outdoors has numerous benefits, as does getting down and dirty in nature. Get the kids involved in working out the obstacle course. Have a practice run and then time each other. Have a beak, discuss how to improve the time and go again. Even older kids, not to mention the patents, will enjoy the challenge of completing an obstacle course.

Don't worry if at first you can't see enough obstacles once you get started your creativity will kick in and very one will come up with ideas.

Even things like 10 star jumps on the spot, best walking or commando crawling make gray challenges.

If you are still stuck for ideas here is an obstacle course you should be able to create at any park/playground.

1st obstacle – bear walk from the start to the slide.

2nd obstacle – slide down the slide grab the side of the slide and do five push ups), go up again and come down again (you can repeat this two or three times asking for push ups on every second slide).

3rd obstacle – hop on one leg to the monkey bars.

4th obstacle – do the monkey bars.

5th obstacle – crab walk to the swing at the swing, swing as high as you can

6th obstacle – bunny hop around the playground.

7th obstacle – commando crawl under any play equipment you fit under.

8th obstacle – climb any climbing equipment.

9th obstacle – jog (walk) a lap of the playground.

10th obstacle hop on one leg (alternating as you go along) from equipment to equipment and going down or on each piece of equipment.

If you do this at a park you can incorporate tree climbing, balancing or rolling (down a hill).

Explore your local playground

Get the Adults Involved
Get the Adults Involved | Source

2. Be a tourist in your suburb, town or city for a morning, day or afternoon

Have you ever explored your suburb (city or town) as a tourist? If not give it a go. You can either research before you set off, or simply get going and write your own travel journal (blog, or ebook). Take a camera, writing pad and start walking. Leaving the car behind will give you a new perspective on the area you live in.

Take photos along the way and make some notes. You can even invent your own historical facts to go with your photos. Be creative. Let your imagination roam free.

Being a tourist

Being a tourist
Being a tourist | Source

3. Be a roving reporter

Get out and about in your local neighborhood and find something to report on. Your local area is your oyster. Find something of interest to you and write a story about. From local identities to buildings, to parks, there will be plenty to write about.

If you are still stuck for ideas go for a walk and look around. Ask yourself some questions, visit the local nursing home to find interesting identities, or your senior citizen group. Interesting people with stories are everywhere. Start with a family member if you want and see where it takes you.

You could write a little newsletter about what you find out and distribute it to your neighbors or start your own blog. Again your imagination is your limit.

4. Grab a ball and find a park, basketball hoop or open area

A ball has to be one of the most versatile sport equipment (I think it is a sport equipment) around. It is small enough to be taken anywhere and used in most spaces. If you have a basketball hoop near you, go and throw some hoops, it’s a lot of fun. Or take a ball to the park and start kicking it. If you don’t like kicking throw it, roll it or bounce it. Whatever you do, have fun.

Organized ball games include, passing tunnel ball (passing the ball between your legs or overhead to the end of the line before the last person runs to the front of the line).

Ball Games

Ball Games are Awesome
Ball Games are Awesome | Source

Inventive Games

5. Find a body of water near you

Kids and adults alike are drawn to water. Water provides hours of endless fun. From running, to splashing to swimming to floating, you can also try skipping rocks, or throwing in a line. Let your imagination run wild.

And don't forget the good old tradition of building a sand sculpture.

Sand Art

Sand Art
Sand Art | Source


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