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Updated on June 3, 2015


I know I cant be the only one. My son just turned five and is already enrolled in Kindergarten. However, I got to noticing the other day that I worry more now than I ever did when he was younger. What is the reasoning behind this? These are the things that I can think of that could be contributing to my new and more often worries.

  • Will he be ready for kindergarten?
  • Is he smart enough to start school?
  • Will he be socially accepted by other children?
  • Will he be bullied?
  • I am to hard on him when he does something that leads to punishment?
  • Do I explore his imaginative realm to the up most?
  • Do I provide him with ways to overcome his emotional feelings such as anger, sadness, worry, etc...
  • Is he eating a well rounded nutritional diet?
  • Is he the accurate weight?
  • Is he turning into a bully?
  • Is this a phase or a serious concern?
  • Does he play to many virtual games?
  • Am I giving him enough mother/son time?

All of these thoughts float threw my brain more than I like to admit. Sometimes I wish I was still worrying over his walking a wee bit bowl legged. Or getting him to stop begging for his bottle, or wishing the late night out of bed adventures would come to an end.

Maybe just maybe I am still in denial that I have a kid instead of a toddler, that he is fixing to face the world outside of family and friends where he might get a glimpse of what the world can actually be like. Not all fairy tells with knights in shinning amour. Maybe, just maybe I am not ready for him to be grown up.


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