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Great 6 Year Old Girl Birthday Party Gifts

Updated on September 10, 2014

My Go-To Birthday Party Gifts for 6 Year Old Girls

With a 6 year old daughter, and birthday parties almost every weekend, I could easily spend hours at the toy store (and far too much money) buying gifts each week. But I don't want to, and neither should you. Six is a tough age because most girls are over the whole "Princess" phase by then - so all the old "go-to" gifts (buying anything with a princess on it) do not work anymore.

Below you will find my top picks for birthday party gifts for six year old girls. Find unique, creative. age-appropriate gifts, and don't spend any more than you need to. Stock up on some of these picks now so that you always have something on hand when its Party Time.

In a rush? Head straight to's list of top selling gifts for 6-year old girls for some great picks.

Fresh Ink Color-In Tattoos

When my daughter was 5 she saw these in the store and just had to have them. We have since given this color-in temporary tattoo kit to a few of her friends and they have been a huge hit all around. This kit has a good amount of black outline tattoos, skin-safe markers to color in the outlines and body glitter - for some extra sparkle. My daughter and her friends have spent hours tattoo-ing and coloring each other in, making this a great activity for play dates and rainy days.

At the store I have seen this kit selling for $20. The Amazon price of $14.11 makes this a great deal to buy online. Get a few extra and be ready for the busy birthday party season!

Great Gift For Boys AND Girls. Stock up for Birthday Party Season!

Mind Blowing Science Kit

My daughter's school offers the option of an after-school enrichment each semester. This fall, when the choices were Art, Drama and Science I was shocked - yet thrilled - when she and her friends all opted for Science! At age 6, most girls have not reached the mindset that "Science is Hard" yet. So encourage them to explore the sciences with a fun science kit like this one. It comes with a booklet outlining many different experiments and provides hours of educational fun, and can be purchased for less than $20 on

Summer Birthday? Surprise them with this original gift!
Summer Birthday? Surprise them with this original gift!

Play and Freeze Ice Cream Ball

Here is a unique gift that they won't be getting doubles of! The Play and Freeze Ice Cream Ball is the perfect unique gift for girls and boys who are interested in cooking, science, or just love eating ice cream.

Pick your child's favorite color from the many colorful options, and be prepared for the "Oohs and Aahs" when the gifts are opened. With a few simple ingredients and some rolling, tossing and playing you soon will have a half-pint of your favorite flavor ice cream.

Encourage her new love of reading with these classic box sets.

At age 6, kids are just beginning to get the hang of reading and moving from picture books to chapter books. If you are looking for a book collection that a 6 year old girl can treasure for the next few years, and will encourage her love of reading, look no further than Beverly Cleary's Ramona series.

I read this series when I was 6, and I love sharing it with my daughter. Its popularity has had a resurgence with the release of the movie "Ramona and Beezus" in 2010 with Selena Gomez. I have given this as a gift for a friend whose daughter loved the movie, as well as purchased it for my daughter as we expand her "big girl" library of chapter books.

A Gift That Encourages Reading

Reading is great, but reading in bed when the lights are supposed to be out is even better! Encourage her new-found love of reading with her own, very grown-up Itty Bitty Book Light. And it is under $20 too.

Pajamas Make the Perfect Gift

Six year old girls love pajamas and they make a perfect gift. They are always my default gift when shopping for little girls who seem to already have every toy out there.

If your 6-year old is into American Girl Dolls, a "Dollie & Me" pajama set with matching PJs for her and her doll are sure to go over well. In addition to PJs, this line carries everything from dressy outfits to sporty picks for your little girl and her 18" doll.

Paper Jamz Pro Microphone

The perfect gift for your little rock star!

Know a little girl who loves to sing? They almost all do!

I bought this Paper Jamz microphone for my daughter and was impressed by the quality and durability of it. Both her her and my two year old love playing with it and singing their hearts out to their favorite songs. This portable, battery operated microphone allows you to download 3 songs at a time for them to sing along to, as well as adding sound effects to any song they want to sing a-capella.

I have seen this set in stores for up to $25, so for $12 on Amazon it is a steal for an impressive birthday gift for that budding songbird. Check out the rave reviews on to see for yourself.

The Best Crafts for 6 Year Old Girls

You can't go wrong with a craft kit!

6 Year old girls LOVE to make pretty things. You can not go wrong with a craft set as a birthday gift. In fact, we probably had about 15 new crafts after my daughter's birthday party this year. Here are some of the top craft kits for girls - starting with the Alex Color-In Messenger Bag, below. And believe me, we have tried them all!

Find great craft kits on Amazon for lower-than-retail prices
Find great craft kits on Amazon for lower-than-retail prices

What is your go-to birthday party gift?

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