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7 Important Things I Hope to Teach My Son

Updated on January 27, 2015

Carson Denny

My handsome man Carson when he was a month old
My handsome man Carson when he was a month old

What to teach my son before he leaves my side and enter the real world.

Being a first time mom to my incredibly amazing son Carson has put my life into perspective such as finally experiencing what unconditional love means, how my actions will or can effect my son's perception of himself let alone or his perception of me, and that being a positive example will hopefully help raise him to be a gentleman. A parent should never minimize the importance of raising a child and in my case a son. My son will look up to me and put his trust in me to help guide him and help him flourish, it can also be a huge factor in determining what kind of individual my son will become. I secretly hope and pray that the things I teach him will eventually benefit him someday with society, himself and most importantly the people that come into his life that have significant meaning, purpose and especially his loved ones.

With all that being said, there are specific things that I want more than anything to instill in his life before he leaves me and enters the real world. Things things that I will teach my son as well as share with you in this article are easier than others to comprehend but all in the end will be worthwhile to him and his future... I am being extremely optimistic about the things I want to teach him and I hope it will impact him in a positive way.

The things I hope to teach my son one day are...

1) His hopes and dreams are much greater than his fears~ I know personally that my fears of failure, rejection and loneliness have become a major hindrance in my life especially pursuing my dreams not matter how simple or unrealistic they may be. I want to teach him and understand that as long as you work hard, dream big, think positively, stay motivated and to learn from his mistakes that there is nothing that can't be done or achieved. I mean hell I should take my own lesson and I am constantly learning this day by day because I will tell you first hand that I am nowhere near perfect and have made mistakes and I can promise you I will make some more. Hopefully helping him reach for the stars, that anything in life is possible it will hopefully help give him a head start in life and build self-confidence.

2) Feelings and emotions are no where near a taboo topic~ I know for the majority of the opposite sex including my significant other, it can be extremely hard to voice there feelings, or they can just simply be afraid as hell for how others will perceive them by expressing their emotions. I want nothing more in this world than for my son to understand that feeling and emotions are completely normal and wonderful. Just because men being "manly" is not keeping his feelings hidden, its about being confident, strong and brave enough to voice them without fear of being criticized or judged.

3) No man should stand alone~ I know that this topic is hard for me to practice in my own life but I want my son to learn that being completely independent doesn't mean you go through life without asking for help or relying on others. I want him to know that if you surround yourself with positive individuals and by being a great person in return than good things wills come to you. I know that being an independent individual is what we all strive to become but we cannot navigate through this unbelievably crazy life by not letting people into our lives, by letting people into ones life isn't losing your independence and feeling dependent on others, it simple means that enjoying life and experiencing new things is no fun doing it alone. I have learned personally for being a loner when I was younger I constantly felt left out, it was until I was in my late twenties did I start trusting other people and letting them get to know me that spending time with them and experiencing things I was too afraid to try was a thousand time more enjoyable because I could share my life with other people.

4) No one can take care of your life responsibilities other than yourself~ Granted my son just turned one I have already started to teach him practical life skills. While I absolutely love more than anything in this world is taking care of my son and spending every second of the day with him, I also want him to be fully capable of taking care of himself like washing his own hair, cleaning up after himself, doing laundry and cook for himself. I want him to recognize and understand that taking care of himself is extremely rewarding but to take care of your family as well as others is fulfilling as well as admirable because not only will other people realize how amazing you are by going out of your way to take care of your family but I hope my son will feel a sense of achievement.

The thought that one day my son will no longer want to hold my hand, give me hugs, and help guide him through life to assist in making good life choices but I can make sure that he has the self confidence to take on challenges and pursue life with enthusiasm, passion, motivation and dedication. I am sure that there will of course be plenty of life lessons that I hope to teach him along the way, but I want him to know that no matter what happens in his life he can always rely on his mother for unconditional love, support and trust. But I swear when he get older and to always remember to put down the toilet seat.

What is the most important thing do you want your child to learn from you as a parent?

As a parent, what do you think is the most important thing you should teach your child?

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