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7 Questions You Must Ask Prior Purchasing A Stroller

Updated on April 28, 2016

Today, almost all individuals believe that having a baby is the most crucial and important decision of your life, however these people probably didn’t wade through the shark-infested waters known as the Bugaboo-era stroller industry. Picking up a right stroller when the market and web is fully loaded with endless options and prices that are sky-high are enough to make any parent-to- be question their life choices.

I really don’t like when individuals actually question the life choices, so I have few essential questions to help you narrow down the search –

1. What sort of area will you be walking around?

Initially you need where you will use the stroller? At the shopping mall, at the dog park, at the lake, at the local coffee shops, or traveling? No matter what, I have listed what kind of stroller will work best for specific terrain.

a. For rough, twisty streets you need a stroller with great traction, suspension and durable wheels. Jogger strollers are useful for this.

b. The city sidewalks require great wheels and suspension yet ensure they're not very enormous so you can easily come and go out of the crowds.

c. Any sort of stroller will be best for the spacious neighborhoods – all you simply need to think about what different features you need your stroller to have.

2. How easily can I fold/unfold it with one hand?

Folding and unfolding factor always confounds the hell out of non-parents. Different strollers have diverse mechanisms, ensure that you test the fold/unfold ability on each one you're considering, in light of the fact that the ultimate thing you want to do is lay your child on the roof of your car while you go head-to- head with your recently stamped demise trap.

I recommend you to go for iCandy peach 3 stroller, as this stroller has quite flexible fold/unfold feature along with other comfort features you are looking for.

3. How easily you can clean the stroller?

The strollers don’t have removable launderable seats. The seat occupied by your kid will truly go grimy after some time, so ensure you can easily clean on the off chance that you can’t evacuate it. I advice you to go for a darker color so it doesn’t indicate shmootz! You might be a neat individual, however your child isn't!

4. Are you in search of a stroller that can hold your infant either with a bassinet of a newborn child connector for your car seat?

It is pretty sure that soon you will take walks with your kid (trust me, you'll go crazy on the off chance that you stay cooped up in the house for too many weeks), so ensure you get a stroller that can convey an infant.

5. Is there a major difference between you and your partner's height?

In case if there’s a major difference between you and your partner’s height, make sure you both feel good with the handle bar height of the stroller you select. A few strollers have customizable handles which is incredible, yet in the event if not, both of you ought to do a test drive, and ensure you're not very slouched over or kicking the back of the stroller.

6. What sort of accessories are critical to you?

It's elusive one stroller that is totally flawless, yet they all have some incredible accessories. It was truly critical to me to have a pleasant size crate underneath for good storage. I additionally required two container holders (my hubby and I love to drink hot espresso on our morning walks) so the stroller I discovered accompanied a second glass holder. A few strollers accompany rain covers, foot muffs, nibble plate, all relies on what you require. Obviously, you can buy a large portion of these things independently, yet it's pleasant when a stroller accompanies a couple of them!

7. What kind of shade does it provide?

Make sure the stroller you pick up, provides enough protection to your child. This feature is really important to me. Not each stroller has a big canopy, and I truly needed that. It irritated me again and again to wrap a lightweight cover over the top of the canopy so that the sun rays don’t get into my daughter’s eyes. So, canopy is something worth mulling over!

I probably hope now you don’t go home with a stroller that you never should have even considered in the first place.

Photo credit: Pixabay


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    • breastpumpreviews profile imageAUTHOR

      Christy Garrett 

      2 years ago from TX

      Frenchie Kisses, I am glad that this post was useful. Things have changed over the years and there are so many choices available for parents.

    • Frenchie Kisses profile image

      Frenchie Kisses 

      2 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      Very nice information, not only for new parents but for people in my situation who need to refresh their memory and get things rolling on all things stroller.


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