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How to Be More Involved with Your Kids

Updated on April 22, 2015

Moms are the ultimate multi-taskers. We can juggle the task of making dinner, doing homework, cleaning the kitchen and the rest of the house intermittently, all at the same time. In fact, our ability to multi task often keeps things in order and helps run a happy home. However, technology has taken multi-tasking to a whole new level. Add writing a text, sending an email, and updating a Facebook status to the list above. We are practically super heroes when it comes to this multi-tasking business, but at what cost? Are we ever really there? Are we fully in any moment? I sat down to have a conversation with my four year old and felt like it was the first full conversation I had had in months…although I talk to him daily, I’m often distracted by life going on around me. It was then I told myself that being a mom isn’t just about the million things I can do at once, it’s about taking the time to really focus on my children and their needs, and setting some boundaries about this whole multi-tasking business.

Slow Down

In order to be a more involved mother, sometimes we need to slow ourselves down. Take off the superhero cape and just be human. Here are seven ways to become more connected to your child in today’s busy life.


Tips to Get More Involved

1. Put the electronics away. In order to really listen or really be there for our kids, sometimes we need to separate ourselves from all the other things we are constantly doing (talking on the phone, texting, updating our Facebook) and there is a time and place for all of it, but when you are trying to have a conversation with your kid, that is not the time. No matter what your child’s age, they will notice if you are half -listening because you are checking your email.

2. Find things you have in common and build on that. My two children are very different and each one has their own sets of interests. My daughter and I are much more alike, but every so I often have to remind myself that she isn't me. So I try to dig out things that make us linked (she loves piano and I used to play, so now I am brushing up on my skills so we can play together). My son is another story. He wants to build, climb, jump, and be a boy, things I’m not quite sure about…so we find other things in common such as his love for books along with mine.

3. Be a parent. Set boundaries for your children. Although it may not seem like it, this lets them know you care. Being a parent can often mean turning in the friendship card…it sometimes becomes too hard to be both. Setting boundaries for your children gives them a sense of security and responsibility.


4. Involve them in your everyday tasks. Face it, we are moms and we are busy, so finding time to sit down and have a lengthy chat can often be a struggle. Make your kids part of your life, by having them do what you do. Have your children help you cook or do the dishes together. Even having your child do their homework in the kitchen, while you clean the kitchen, keeps them within distance for conversation. Make every effort to involve your kids in your chores and tasks. Take them to the grocery store to help you shop, meal plan together, and run errands together. The more time spent doing these things, the more connected you will become with your children.

5. Get active together. Go for walks, take a bike ride, or go hiking. Enjoying the outdoors together is a great way to connect with your kids as well as the world around you. This is also teaching them to lead a healthy, active lifestyle!

6. Set aside family time. Implement a family game night or a family movie night. My daughter is thrilled when Friday comes along, not because of the weekend and no school, but because she knows we will be doing something as a family. Such as watching a movie together, playing bowling on the Xbox Kinect, or enjoying a game of monopoly. Your kids will never get too old for family night, so start the tradition now!

7. Do good deeds together. Help your children learn how to ‘give back’ while connecting with them. Have your child go with you to donate old clothes, volunteer at a shelter, or cook a meal together for a family in need. Kids love to give, and by your helping and encouraging them to give time and resources to people in need, you are not only connecting with your child, you are helping them become a better person.

Being a good mom isn't about giving your child everything, it’s about being there for them through their growing up stages. Being connected with your kids isn't about spending every waking moment with them; it’s about nurturing your relationship and setting aside that ‘special time’. Happy parenting and thanks for reading

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    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 5 years ago from The Caribbean

      All your tips are good, but the very first one is super-important. Mom can set the example of moderation with the electronics, because they can ruin communication in the entire family. Good job altogether. Voted Up!

    • JessicaAnnoDomini profile image

      JessicaAnnoDomini 5 years ago from Upstate New York

      Great reminders and great advice! I'm a mom of four and I really appreciate what you said about setting some boundaries for our whole multi-tasking business. Voted up!

    • ExpectGreatThings profile image

      ExpectGreatThings 5 years ago from Illinois

      Well said. I'm commenting on your hub as my kids play nearby. Guess I better go now :)