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Wild's First Flight Lesson

Updated on May 1, 2014

Flying N1832E WILD BILL Part 3


Passing thru 2000 feet for 2500, Wings level, RPM 2250, hold right rudder pressure to control engine torque, keep the nose on the horizon were just a few things going thru our mind as Wild concentrated to keeping that bird under control. As we arrived at 2500 feet in the practice area, about five miles south of the airport, Wild throttled back to 2000 RPM. That reduced the noise in the cockpit considerably making communication somewhat easier. Our dad, after what he thought was a very humerous take-off, began skillfully directing Wild in the proper technique of coordinated flight. Dad called it flying by the seat of your pants. Believe it or not that means which ever side of your butt has the most weight on it determines how to control the airplane. Please?!?! Anyway, for about an hour, seemed like at least 3, Dad would demonstrate a maneuver and then let Wild try it. If he did it right Dad would then let him practice for a few minutes. What Fun ??

The air was stable and the visibility was unlimited This was for sure a perfect day for anything but this. Let's just put things into perspective. Here we are at 2500 feet above the ground flipping and flopping around in this beautiful clear sky in a noisy little airplane with a 12 year old, who acts 8, at the controls. Whew! Oh yeah! and let us not forget that we still have to get this thing back on the ground.......SAFELY!

Sweat was pouring off our face The back of our T shirt was soaked. Wild was having the time of his life, turning, climbing, diving, gliding, trying his best to get the feel of the controls using the seat of his pants? Supposedly, it determines the amount of pressure it takes to coordinate each maneuver. OK? I've heard some say that its like learning to ride a bike. Well, that's none sense. Believe me it's nothing like a bicycle. What are we doing here!!!!?

Dad reached up and patted us on the head and shouted out a big "Ataboy" and told Wild to steer a heading of 360, due north .I sensed the inevitable drawing near. That's right, the airport was in that general direction. We were fixin to make history , hopefully not in the Head Lines of the local Paper! Yep, Wild was on his way to his first landing. Wild knew it also and I could feel his excitement building within us ...................


N85753  !946 Aeronca Champ 7AC    Test flown after rebuild Jan. 1998
N85753 !946 Aeronca Champ 7AC Test flown after rebuild Jan. 1998

About my Lenses

Wild Bill is an auto-bio with a split personality. In the lenses about Wild Bill, Bill's soft side is narrating the story. He is rather reluctant about Bill doing anything exciting. However, he loses control to the Wild side when it comes to Bill's association with Airplanes or Motorcycles.

Bill is a Christian, a former US Marine,a former Garage Owner, former Crop Duster, former Coal Miner, current Aircraft Mechanic / Insp.current Commercial Pilot / Flight Instructor.

Hope you enjoy the Lenses

God Bless -Bill-

Featured Aircraft are built by Bill


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