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8 Home Remedies to Bring down your Baby's Fever

Updated on October 4, 2014
It's really a heartbreaking whenever you see your child like this. Looks really tired and weak.
It's really a heartbreaking whenever you see your child like this. Looks really tired and weak. | Source

That annoying baby fever. She's sad, weary eyes and you are also worried.
It is really heartbreaking, but first of all before we unveil our weapons for the
battle and begin hacking down your little one's temperature, take more time to think about what exactly we are dealing with.

Which often baby fever is not necessarily the actual enemy here.They can be just basically transmitting out problem flames toward white blood cells, letting them know to move and beat the enemy, although by just increasing infant normal temperatures, it's making those types of bad bacteria and viruses problems really irritating.

Several Baby Fever Pointers

  • Newborns: 0 to 3 Months- Something more than 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or 38 Celcius needs to call your health care provider.
  • Babies: 12 -24 weeks (3 to 6 Months)- Your baby fever more than 101 F or 38.3 C must be called to your doctor
  • Little ones: 6 Months or over- Just a temperature above 103 F or 39.4 Celcius would need calling your doctor.

These temperature ranges make it easier to recognize when you should contact your doctor.
They don't really always tell you when you should begin treating that fever. If your infant is 4-months-old although appears to be totally sick and tired having a fever of 100.3 F, take into consideration the treatments. However in contrast, if your 8-months-old indicates a baby high temperature of 101.6 and yet ate a big meal as well as being resting very well, medications most likely will not be necessary. You may not will not be necessary. like to eliminate one of the body defenders which is the fever except if you really have to.

Here is the list that you can try to help lower you'r baby's fever and make him/her comfortable.

Home Care

Most of the time the causes of high fever is simply a cold or some other viral infection. This may not generally indicate that your baby have a serious issue or condition. Several severe infections could cause absolutely no fever as well as really low body temperature, particularly in babies.

When the fever is low and also it seems that there's no other issues, medication is not needed. Drinking more fluids and rest is enough.

The condition may not be serious when your child is:

  • Still want to play
  • Eat and drinks very well
  • Attentive and still smiling
  • The skin color is normal Appears to be okay whenever his or her temperature goes down

Do something to reduce high temperature if your kid is not comfortable, throwing up, dehydrated, or perhaps not sleeping very well. Keep in mind, the objective is just to reduce, and not necessarily clear away, the fever.

Don't forget when you try to lower a fever:

  • Take off excess clothes as well as blanket.
  • Try only one layer of clothes that is lightweight, then one lighter blanket.
  • The surrounding must be comfortable, not so hot and not so cold If your room or space is hot and also close area, a electric fan can help you.
  • Sponge bath and Lukewarm bath can help to lower your baby or child's fever. This is also effective soon after prescription medication is given -- or else the temperature might possibly bounce back again.
  • Don't use cold bath and ice. It may cool your child skin, but the other hand it makes the problem even worse by resulting in shivering, that raises the center body temperature.

And here is the list of Basic Home Remedy for fever, it is also applicable in toddler, older kids and even in adults.

Graco 1 Sec. Thermometer

Baby sponge bath
Baby sponge bath | Source

1. Sponge Bath.

If perhaps you may not want to let your little one in the tub, consider a lukewarm cloth or sponge bath as a substitute that can help bring down the high fever. A warm to lukewarm clean cloth will do a lot to reduce a very high fever in baby and also in children. Mainly because the water evaporates through the skin that cools down, pulling the fever away.

2. Lukewarm Bath.

How interesting that this one is effective. Put your child inside a lukewarm tub for just a few moments. The temperature goes down right away after that.

3. Cold compress. Just simply place the cool/cold small towel over the forehead, legs and also at the wrist in which blood vessels are usually near to the surface of the skin, that can help cooling down the temperature.

4. Offer a Food.

Since your baby is experience sweating out the fever, it is important to maintain her good and hydrated. With regards to babies that less than 6 months that are yet to begun solids, meaning increasing breast and also bottle feeding's is important. When it comes to older babies, give her cool yogurt or maybe a some kinds of cheese.

5. Encourage more liquids.

This could be challenging particularly if they experience an upset stomach, still perhaps offering her a spoonful of filtered water almost every few minutes can certainly help.

6. Light outfit.

Dress her in a very light one layer of soft fabric, similar to cotton. It can be enticing to over bundle you baby, however avoid that. Your baby's body has to cool down, therefore remove a layer or few to help the procedure easily .


7. Cool Mist Humidifier.

One more simple trick you may use to push that high fever down relates to air flow. By having a humidifier will allow the air to circulate better around the room which help to keep the air clean and fresh. Stagnant air is sick atmosphere.

8. Egg in the feet?

Absolutely yes, this can be a unusual. It's been highly suggested to many other mommies who also consider this approach. And here is the process: Immerse 2 combined paper towels on egg whites and put it on the bottom of the feet, covered it up by using socks. Continue doing this process once the egg white dries out. The same homeopathic remedy is by placing the cold slices of potato into the socks. It's actually a more less messy compared to the egg whites. You can also avoid a possible hypersensitivity or allergic reaction by making use of potatoes.

9. Over-the-Counter Medications.

Now we get to the typical baby fever cure: over-the-counter medicines. For those who decided to use this approach, it is important you are aware that you'll be putting strong ingredients in your baby's body. They might be helpful to help your baby to get better, when implemented properly.

Battling in bothering baby fever is not a quick task.
Ideally I've provided several techniques you probably not aware of before.
Keep in mind this: If oyu hesitate or not really sure, give your Doc a call.

Which method on the list is most effective for your baby?

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    • baby-care profile image

      baby-care 3 years ago from Philippines

      Thanks bluebird,, Yes it's true Natural remedy is always the best for our little ones. Even though sometimes we give up immediately because we want to see the result right after we implement this home remedy so patience is really a virtue, and by that we started to compromise our child's health by giving them over the counter medication. But this is not always the option and solution.

    • bluebird profile image

      bluebird 3 years ago

      I'm glad for mothers that you have provided these home remedies and other necessary information - it can make for one long night for everyone when little Susie is sick with fever. Natural is always best. I think patience is the key knowing that the fever is there to fight the infection or whatever it might be. Time is the best healer, if only we didn't have to see our children this way.

      But knowing there are things we can do to ease their suffering helps so much.