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8 Ways To Write a Children's Letter to Santa

Updated on January 1, 2013
A Letter to Santa
A Letter to Santa | Source

Writing an annual letter to Santa is an exciting experience for young children. And not only does the activity provide an opportunity for family bonding, it can boost children’s imagination, build Christmas spirit and even aid pre writing or writing skills. So why not add some extra magic to the moment and create some memorable letter sending traditions for your family:

Snail Mail.

One of the most popular routes for sending a letter to Santa since the middle of the 1800´s and is still the most common today. But there are now many variations on the services that mail carriers provide at Christmas. Check out whether your local mail-service or a private mail carrier offer to return a letter from Santa (either their standard version or one that you included with the original).

Balloon Mail.

A popular tradition for sending letters to Santa in Mexico, is to roll up the letter tightly and place it inside a Helium balloon. Followed by a letter sending ceremony where everyone sets their balloon free and watches it fly off to Santa, is a thrilling way to send this important piece of mail.

Homing Pigeon Mail.

Although it might seem an antiquated approach, sending the children’s letters to Santa via homing pigeon is a unique way of celebrating the holiday season. Not only does it add some extra fun to the activity, it can be a great opportunity for them to learn about the birds as well.

Window Mail.

Children in Germany typically leave their letters to Santa on a window ledge, for Santa’s Elves to collect. You can add some extra magic by leaving some magic Elf dust behind!

Fireplace Mail.

Although a dying tradition, people in England used to send their letters to Santa by burning them on the fireplace. Even though it might seem sad at first, the idea of the cinders flying the letter to the North Pole is actually a magical and appealing idea to children. Of course, nowadays not many people have fireplaces! So why not organize a December bonfire with some other families and make this fabulous idea a tradition.

Magic Elf Mail.

Why not prepare for a visit from a Magic Elf, who will visit and check if they were naughty or nice, before taking their letter back to Santa. The children can place their letters under the tree and perhaps the magic Elf will leave their footprints or some other clue behind. And if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, arrange for a real life elf to knock on the door and pay a visit!

Christmas Tree
Christmas Tree

Bottle Mail.

This might not apply to everyone, but if you live near the ocean, a river or a lake, send Santa’s letters off as a message in a bottle!

Blog Mail.

If your feeling really adventurous (and have the spare time) why not set up a free Santa themed blog where your children can post their letters online. Not only does this give you the chance for them to check back and see when Santa has answered, they will surely love the idea. And it will give family and friends a chance to read their letters too!


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    • Peggy W profile image

      Peggy Woods 

      6 years ago from Houston, Texas

      This was interesting learning about the different customs in different parts of the world with regard to children sending their letters to Santa. Up vote, useful and interesting. This will undoubtedly give some people an idea how to approach this annual event and have some fun while doing it.


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