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8 things to do to teach intelligent formidable

Updated on March 29, 2016

Science has proven that the sooner children teach more clever unsurpassed. So do not forget to teach their parents after 8 things to young superior intelligence.

Want the superior intelligence, teach children as early as possible

Many parents think that children were very small, just to do whatever you like, big and slowly molded. But this is extremely wrong thinking. 0 to 6 years of age by the stage of development the most important brain. Especially from 2 to 4 years old, brain development is extremely fast. If you do well at this stage, your child will excel smart. In fact, the intelligence of children partly hereditary, but the new practice is the decisive factor that intelligence develops or not. For the more intelligent and more nimble, parents do not forget to do the things below.

1.For young athletes and walk a lot

The energy inside the child's perfect will promote the senses, motor skills and language is activated immediately after birth. From a young age to walk long distances possible. Closing holding, cuddling or to children seated strollers, cars all day will lose the ability to move.

The activities will stimulate the body's brain grows faster, increasing the brain's reflex, whereby young superior intelligence. If the child is stunted ability and maneuvering space, the brain is always in a state of "static", less thinking, children gradually become passive, not quick in reflexes and less intelligent.

When children from 2 years of age, you must let me go on the road a bit bumpy or set up downstairs ... You can stand far and throw the ball to the self-start. First, they will run after the ball, then we will learn to observe the target and find out the shortest route to get there

2 years of age is the golden time for language development

From about 1 year old you'll start to see the episode says babbling. 2-year-old stage is the golden time for the child's language development. This period is not long, lasting from 2 years to 2 years and a half. If you ignore this point would be very regrettable. In this golden period, you shaped me tell accent. This helps your child avoid lisp or stutter.

Also the language games should be encouraged. There are many ways to play. For example, ask them, "Bi know what bathrooms with red furniture not?", Or ask you the name of the red objects in the house that we know.

Science shows, the development of the language associated with the development of wisdom. By remembering the language, the brain has to work and thinking, whereby the more excited superior intelligent young.

3. Teach Reading

There are many parents said that the illiterate, why can teach reading? But the fact that you can teach your child to read light from 1 to 2 years old with a picture book. Choose smart buy real books, with colorful paintings and attractive. Initially children will just see it as a game, but when familiar with the book, read to the contents inside. This is very important because it helps children become familiar with books from an early age, consider reading as a game and not under pressure. Children are exposed to books sooner superior intelligence. No one type of useful toys and books to help children smart.

Books are the best toys for kids
4. Teach your children about relationships cause - result

Very simply, for example, you will burn your hands when touching the stove when it tell us "Do not touch the stove then, because you will burn it".

Many mothers often say to me "really bad fire stove, making Bi burns", or when the hand stuck in the door, the mother coaxed back "door was damaged too, so your mom was fine." Doing so makes the child does not recognize human relationship - work, so they will not understand the essence of things. This seemingly harmless, but in reality, if even from the young child to understand everything in an improper way, it will shape the nature of thinking just looked outside, without understanding the core. It's not good for a child's intelligence. If you want the superior intelligence, teach children to understand the relationship of cause and effect.

5. Let the independence of possibilities

Wash hands, tied shoelaces, buttoning his shirt ... Let children practice these skills, although initially it will be difficult and requires patience. But spending more time from now you teach me more relaxed afterwards. Independence in life helps children explore and a lot more agile. Then you will be surprised to find that, you can do a lot of things that you have never imagined seeing. Do not forget to praise when you do something offline.

6. Always encouraged me to do no good though

Even if you did not do well, so there is still encouraged. The encouragement of parents will help children feel confident to express themselves a lot more, so that young superior intelligence. If you just open up is disparaging, or repeat the shortcomings of self-esteem will keep your baby, do not dare do anything.

7. Remember to teach your child about the tidy

From 2 to 3 years of age, children begin to form habits, routines of life. This period, if you do not start teaching children about the tidy, then surely your child will grow up very messy. Always teach everything neatly arranged, finished toys to put in place. You can also teach children through games Order "Put the ball on the shelf, to the doll on the table for her mother." Thus, we will know how to take place furniture. It is important for parents to set an example for their children. Because children often learn from and imitate everything their parents do. The neat in life, and help shape the orderly and logical thinking, superior to human intelligence.

8. A 2-year-old genius memory

Babies develop in stages dizziness 2-3 years old. What we learned at that time reflected this attitude after learning, and this is what can not be changed. Phase 2 years, if well taught the basics, children will be very prominent and intelligent beyond what. But without the guidance or just to the players they will lose potential natural that you do not recognize

So at the age of 2, you need to help children develop memory as much as possible. For example: learn flags of countries, the cars, the name of the bus stops in lines ... They are very useful for the development of human capacity. Never ignore the golden period in the development of the child. Otherwise you will be extremely regret it later.


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