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A Boy Named Lee~Chapter 3

Updated on March 25, 2012


Angel's in Disguise

After everything had calmed down, Lee’s best friend Tracy’s parents and Dixie and her husband had Lee and his brothers and sisters over for a talk. Tracy’s mom sat them down and said “Your mother is going to have to go away for a while because she is sick. So we want to help you.” Tracy’s mom and Dad said that they were going to let Lee and his sister stay with them, and that Lee’s brothers would stay with Dixie and their family, just until Mom got better.

Lee was sad that his brothers were going to be not around him as much, but he was also very happy because he was going to stay with his best friend!

It was amazing for Lee to be in this family. He did not have to take care of anybody but himself and his chores. Every meal was cooked, dishes were done, and they always listened to Lee’s thoughts and ideas. Plus he could play A LOT more than before! He also only lived a few blocks from his brothers, so he still saw them a lot!

This went on for a year, and one day Tracy’s mom and dad brought Lee upstairs and sat him down and informed them that his mother was better and that he and his siblings would all be going back to live with her. Lee felt two things. One was excitement to see his mother, and the other was sadness of leaving this family. But, they did say that his mother was “better,” so maybe things would be different?


Happiness | Source

Dancing with the Devil

Lee and his brothers and sister moved into a new house with their mother. It was only a few blocks from Tracy’s, so that meant that they could still hang out. He saw his mother and gave her a hug, and she said she was sorry and promised that things would be better. Lee smiled, and yes… He almost cried. Things were great for the first month. His mother was taking them out to eat and actually spending time with them. A bonus was that Lee’s Uncle was spending a lot of time at the house. Lee loved his uncle, he would take him fishing and do “man” stuff. Lee was now 12 years old and things were looking great!

Then it started happening again; his mother started sleeping more, and spending time with the family less. Before he knew it Lee was back to taking care of everything again. Lee, being older now, realized that to survive and raise a family you had to work. This is something his mother did not do! She said she didn’t need to, because when Daddy died he left her some money. Lee did not understand this. He thought, if there’s money then why is there no food? So Lee decided to get a job to help pay for things. He got a job working as a “ground pounder” for some roofers.

Lee would get out of school and go to the construction site and pick up all the old shingles, nails, and felt paper that was on the ground left over from the roofing crew. The boss was nice and said that he had never seen someone so small work so hard. Lee liked that! He worked every day after school, and sometimes when they needed him on the weekends. He was making money now; $3.10 an hour. That bought a lot of groceries. Lee noticed that after work the older guys would sit around and drink “daddy drinks,” that he knew by now was beer. They would laugh and seemed to be having more fun with each one that they drank. Lee liked that. Saturdays were the best days to work because after the day was over, the boss would take the crew to a “Pool Hall” and buy everyone dinner. Lee didn’t like the smoke from the cigarettes, but he loved hanging out with the men.

One day, the week before Lee’s Birthday, Lee opened the fridge and saw a can of beer that had been left by his Uncle. He swung his head around to see if anybody was looking. No one was, so he took it, slipped it into his coat jacket, and ran out into the woods. He popped the top and took a big gulp. He loved the way it bubbled in his throat. Then the way it made him feel after words… wow. It was like all the things that he felt before went away. He knew that he had found something very special.

The Solution



The next morning, Lee was invited to go to a neighboring town to go to Church again. He decided to go. He went and he hated it. All the man in front did was talk about this place called hell and that some guy named Jesus knew the way to heaven. He was always screaming “You are all SINNERS!” Lee could not wait to get out of that place and he swore that he would never go back! After Church his friend Marty asked him to come over for dinner. On the walk to Marty’s house they walked by Marty’s grandfather’s gun shop. Marty said “Hey, you want to see something cool?” Lee said “Of Course!” They went around the back of the shop and there was a little shed. Marty snatched a key from under a rock and opened the door. When they walked in Lee was amazed! There were pictures of women with no clothes on, posters of cars, and a lot of big bottles full of something. Marty grabbed one of the bottles and gave it to Lee. It said something like “Captain Morgan Spiced”. Marty said “I’ll drink some if you do!” Lee, still floored by the night before, said “Sure!” Marty took a drink first and then gave it to Lee. Lee looked at his friend and started chugging the entire bottle. After he was done with it, he felt very sick, and immediately puked it all up. Afterwards, he and his buddy lay on the grass laughing, saying “It can’t get any better than this.”

~Edited by Conor Boughton

"Your ALL going to HELL!"



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