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A Cautionary Teenage Tale

Updated on May 11, 2011

Remember Matilda, who burned her house down...

Shazza told such dreadful lies,
It wasn’t clever, cool or wise;
Her Mum, who, from her toddler days,
Had told her she must mend her ways,
Was almost driven to distraction:
From Shazza’s nonchalant reaction,
Her daughter trawling on the net

Had not got into trouble yet

She entered details of her home

Address and town, e-mail and phone

To anyone who took her whim

An action which was pretty dim.

And thus when playing on the web

(Her pals included the odd celeb).

Or so she thought, they made her think

By sending tweets and friendly wink.

She told her mum she was aware

Of chat-room fraud and taking care.

But still she shared each secret thought

And told of all the stuff she’d bought.

One day when glued to her computer

She thought she’d found a teenage suitor

‘Fill in this fun ‘About-you’ test.’

Wide-eyed she answered his request

‘I’m going to the USA

For a week my family’ll be away.’

The family packed and left the house

To Disneyland with Mickey Mouse

The week went past and time had come

To return to their UK high-tech home.

When they got back the police were there

Someone had broken in to Shazza’s lair.

They had the family home surrounded

Her parents were understandably confounded.

A neighbour explained it had come to pass

That someone had entered in their house.

The detective said this organized crime

Was the result of information on-line.

You should have heard Shazza shout!

Rush to her room and look about.
You should have heard her cuss and cry,

“My computer’s gone, my TV and wi-fi!”

The house was ransacked; her mum broke down,

“How did they know we were out of town?”

Shazza’s cheeks reddened, and as she sobbed

Admitted it was her fault they were robbed.

‘Well at least you’re safe; it could be worse

We’ve just lost money from our purse.

You could have been kidnapped, raped, attacked.’

‘No more lies, I promise, mum; - fact.’

Now Shazza respects her mother’s role

Activating parental control;

Turning off and checking her rights

Preventing access to internet sites.


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    • Golden-Star profile image

      Golden-Star 6 years ago from Sussex, UK

      Thank You WriteAngled (like your name), have given me the confidence to post another of my little dittys!

    • WriteAngled profile image

      WriteAngled 6 years ago from Abertawe, Cymru

      Wonderful! :)