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A Child Full of Candy

Updated on October 31, 2013

To the Batcave!

I'm Batman.
I'm Batman.

Trick or Treat!

Halloween is the best holiday. It's the one holiday I look forward to all year long. It's not because I enjoy candy or dress up, but it's the holiday that I think represents Autumn. And Autumn is my favorite time of year. The added bonus is seeing everyone dressed up and being whatever they want to be for one day a year, if nothing else. People can be anything, and forget themselves for a day and enjoy a fun time. My husband and I had a Halloween themed Jack and Jill, where people wore costumes since we enjoy this holiday so much. I actually get infuriated when Halloween slowly gets reduced to one week of seeing decorations in stores before Christmas takes over for 4 months. People complain about the "War on Christmas", I declare there's a "War on Halloween". We don't get to enjoy the amazing magic of Halloween as often as we should be allowed.

Every year as soon as the Halloween store opens up for the season, we go in and enjoy the robotic horror characters while taking in all the sights. We pick out the children's costumes, and plan our route for the day. We visit the store repeatedly through the season, making a wishlist of things we wish we could afford to decorate the house with. We listen to the scary music and watch the horror movies. Our oldest son gets into the spirit, and picks out costumes after putting a lot of thought into it. Though in his defense, he usually plans out his costume a year in advance and is all ready to go come Halloween.

I don't understand why people hate Halloween so much. I think that the holiday brings important and valuable life lessons for our children. They have to go out and work to bring home the candy. In our house, the children have to pay "taxes" on their candy. The first tax is the "Reese's" tax, where my husband takes all of the Reese's Peanutbutter Cups from them. I was informed this was tradition, as his father had the same tax for him. The other "tax" is I would pick 2 candies from him as a "thank you" for taking them out on the town to pick up candy. There is also a lesson in the "being whatever you want to be", because you can be whatever you want to be.

So Happy Halloween. Remember to enjoy this day and if you can't enjoy this day, do what I have to do when it's Christmas: Suck it up for the kids. You need to fake it to make it. And for anyone who complains about this being a Satanic holiday because the Pagans created it, I'm going to blow your mind: Pagans created many of our Christmas traditions too, so maybe that day is also Satanic. Well... depending on your family, the day may very well be Satanic. Happy Holidays, and enjoy the mass amount of candy you'll need to work off after eating. Also enjoy picking up the vomit all over the floor because children have no willpower and will eat everything.

Baby's First Halloween

Big brother picked this out.
Big brother picked this out.

Be Safe, Kids.

I've decided to share the safety tips and personal tips for how to enjoy this holiday safely. Being safe is the best way to enjoy this holiday.

  1. Everything's better in groups. Don't go alone. Don't let children go alone. The buddy system is the best system. And I'm an admittedly overprotective parent, and this means I don't let them go without me. These days, I don't blame anyone for not trusting the children to be out by themselves. There are a lot of sick people out there, and children out by themselves is asking for trouble. I think this is the most important rule.
  2. The Candy Check. The first thing we do when we come back home is to dump out the candy. We do this so we can inspect every item in the bags to make sure the candy is safe. Trash anything that is opened, anything that may have potential allergies, and look for anything suspicious. This is also the prime moment where we can get in and take our taxes too.
  3. Hide them. This sounds funny, but it's best this is something I definitely recommend. We hide the candy to prevent the "no willpower binge". I don't want to worry about picking up the chocolatey vomit that looks like candy soup. Trust me, it isn't pretty and it does stain. Not only does it prevent the binge, it prevents your child from eating too much candy at once, and allows for it to be rationed out.
  4. Light up their lives. I don't think this needs to be said, but I'll say it anyways: it'll probably be dark when you're out getting the candy. Be safe, and make sure your children light up. Use reflective tape, glow sticks, flashlights, or light colored costumes. My husband and I get this Life Gear flashlight, glowstick, and safety whistle combo for the children. They usually have them at the Halloween stores, by the check-out and is generally inexpensive.
  5. Know the neighborhood. If you don't live in a safe neighborhood, go to one. If the light isn't on, don't go to the house. And if a stranger is walking along offering candy, don't go off with him to get it, common sense. The ideal location to Trick-or-Treat is a neighborhood you're familiar with.
  6. Safe Costumes are the best. Make sure the costumes fit well so your child doesn't trip, Make sure you try a little of the makeup before Halloween, to make sure your child doesn't have a reaction. Make sure the masks fit, so your child can see. Ideally a flame-resistant costumes are great. But stay away from anything that looks like fire.

Stay safe tonight! The CDC website has a ton of great tips to keep you and your family safe, so check them out.


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