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Sesame Street- A Classic TV Show

Updated on April 10, 2012

Sesame Street Gang

Sesame Street is a children’s classic for sure. What is not to love about this adorable program? The sing, play learning games, and teach your children their ABC’s and 123’s.

This wonderful program Sesame Street is really great for children to watch. They will have fun along with the characters Elmo, Big Bird, Cookie Monster, and much more! There are beneficial things about this show.

Playing Along With the Characters

Kids will have fun when they watch this TV show because they can play along with the characters. They can sing with the characters. Children love to dance and this is the perfect show to watch for them to do that. Most of the kid’s favorite character is Elmo, and they can catch him on “Elmo’s World.”

Making Learning Enjoyable

There are tons of learning activities to do while watching this show. They will show the children letters and numbers. On Sesame Street they have the “letter of the day” and “number of the day.” There are also tons of guessing games that the children play along with as well. Also on this show they tell great stories too.

Family Time

This program is just great to watch with the family because mothers and fathers can help the children learn as well. If they did not understand what the characters are talking about, they can help explain to their child of what is going on. After when the show is done they can go over of what they have learned.

What this Show Will Benefit to Your Child

This show will help benefit to the child because it can help prepare the young ones for Pre K, Kindergarten or whatever grade they are going to. By singing and dancing about ABC’s and 123’s is a suitable way to learn. There is nothing wrong for helping children learn and using a classic TV show that has been on for years to help children learn and grow.

As anyone can see Sesame Street is great for children to learn from in their early years of when they are learning and growing at the same time. There is so much to learn from this TV show and better yet this is great for families to watch together.

Sesame Street Products

Elmo Singing ABC's


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