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How Not To Go Crazy Being A SAHM

Updated on January 17, 2014
When they sleep, I sleep!
When they sleep, I sleep!

1. Rest

Make sure that you get enough rest at night and throughout the day. Being at home cooking, cleaning, playing, and changing diapers all day is not an easy task to do if you are not well rested. Family naps is a big thing in my household. Even my husband will take naps with us when he is at home.

2. Have a schedule.

When it comes to housework, I made myself a schedule. It makes it so much easier when I know exactly what it is I know I need to do each day.

Monday: Living room, Tuesday: Kitchen, Wednesday: Bathroom/Laundry, Thursday: Bedroom, and Friday: Boys Room.

Instead of having to clean up everyday, I split it up to make it easier. Everyday I do a 15 minute run through of the 3 main rooms: living room, bathroom, and kitchen. I do this to make sure they are presentable incase someone were to drop by.

3. Routine

I like having a routine with the boys. It is good knowing what is about to happen. By me doing stuff the same, it helps the boys know what we should be doing at a particular time. Every morning we eat breakfast, take baths, play time, lunch, then naps.

4. Get out of the house.

It is always a good idea to get out of the house once in awhile. Whether it be going for a walk or going to the park, it makes your day go by better. Nobody wants to be stuck in the house 24/7. Running errands has become a fun part of the day. Sounds lame, but it really is fun.

5. Join a SAHM Club.

I like getting out there and meeting other local SAHM around the city. We all have something in common, so we all know what it is like be a SAHM. It is a lot better when you have another person to talk to who will understand the same things you may be going through.

6. Do something for yourself.

I love going to the gym. Being able to workout and just focus on me is a big thing that helps me stay sane. When your spouse comes home, go for a short walk around the block. Or go to a quiet room and read a book. Just do something by yourself for yourself.

7. Have fun.

Remember to have fun with your kids. Me and my boys love music and dancing. I will turn on the radio and we will just dance and have a blast. You have to find things that will make you laugh and enjoy being at home. I feel it is the best thing I could possibly do for my sons. I am able to see every milestone that they go through. I also use my teaching experience and working with children to teach my boys a lot. They have learned so much since I am with them full time.

Being a SAHM is not for everyone. But for those who do do it, it is a very rewarding job. Some may not see it as a job, but I do. It is not easy, but it is also something I would not give up for anything.

Dante' and Timothy
Dante' and Timothy


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    • TearraDD profile image

      Te'Arra Donner 4 years ago from Virginia

      Thank you RonElFran! I am happy to be apart of HP!

    • RonElFran profile image

      Ronald E Franklin 4 years ago from Mechanicsburg, PA

      Obviously, I've never been a SAHM, but this looks like good, practical advice for those who are. Welcome to HP, Te'Arra!

    • TearraDD profile image

      Te'Arra Donner 4 years ago from Virginia

      Thank you! And yes I know. Before I was a SAHM I thought it would be a piece of cake. Sleep as long as I want, eat, and play. Boy was I wrong!

    • VVanNess profile image

      Victoria Van Ness 4 years ago from Prescott Valley

      What wonderful advice! So many people think staying at home with children, taking care of the house, and keeping up with chores, finances, etc. is easy until they have to do it.

      I've got a husband saying some similar things lately. If only he knew.